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Ova emisija je smeće! (English translation: This show is garbage!)

Zlikavci (roughly translated as "Hoodlooms" or possibly a misspelled variation of "zlikovac" or "zlikovci", meaning "Villains" in English), is an adult Croatian animated TV series, it's an adaptation of the eponymous radio talk show from Radio 101, created by the comedy group Zločesta djeca . It consists of about 40 episodes divided into 2 seasons. The first season was aired from 26 August - 24 December 2004 , while the other was aired on 7 October 2005. - 26th of May 2006 . It was shown on Fridays on HRT 1 & HRT 2 at 22:05 or 22:10.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's a poor clone of South Park and The Three Friends and Jerry.
  2. Stiff and choppy animation.
  3. It's very boring, nothing happens in any of the episodes and they all stand in 1 place & just talk and don't move at all!
  4. Obnoxious voice-acting.
  5. The show switched art-styles from a Paper cut out look to a John Kricfalusi style, the 2 seasons look so different you could easily mistake them as 2 completely different shows.
  6. Some people who are not from Croatia might accidentally think the show is targeted towards kids due to it's art style, which looks similar to the one from Little Bill in season 1 and Ren & Stimpy in season 2, the fact that the show is obscure outside Croatia makes the probabilities of mistaking this show as a kid friendly cartoon even more higher than before.
  7. Bad and just plain offensive jokes, most of which are meant to insult religious feelings, while South Park also does this, they do it in a much better way and manages to teach a lesson in the end and does it for a reason, this just tries to be offensive for the sake of being offensive.
  8. The theme song is literally just Metallica's Damage Inc., and it was probably stolen without permission.
  9. Strange looking character designs.
  10. Out of context music segments in some episodes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despise being strange the art-style in the season 1 is admittedly cute and resembles a actual children's show .
  2. Some funny moments.


The show was heavily criticized by Christian youth associations and the "Radio Marija" Association, which, led by Father Stjepan Fridl , demanded a ban on the series for insulting religious feelings. Ivica Relković , along with the initiative on the petition for the abolition of the animated series, also published the book "Are Catholics Villains?". Due to censorship, the character of Father Christmas did not appear in the second season.

The showing of the animated series was completely stopped in mid-2006 by the decision of the HRT Council to terminate the cooperation with the producers. The reason was the tasteless and bad humor expressed in the second season; in the opinion of the HRT Council, the first season was much better than the second.


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