Your Baloo's in the Mail (TaleSpin)

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Your Baloo's in the Mail (TaleSpin)
Telegram from a rare episode, and not in a good way.
Series: TaleSpin
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 61
Air Date: February 22, 1991
Writer: Jeremy Cushner
Director: James T. Walker
Previous episode: The Ransom of Red Chimp
Next episode: Paradise Lost

Your Baloo's in the Mail is the 61st episode of TaleSpin and was aired on February 22, 1991.


When Rebecca wins a contest, she has Baloo mail the winning ticket for her. Unfortunately, Baloo spends most of the money on food, rather than postage and now has to help speed the mail along so it can get delivered in time.

Bad Qualities

  1. Rebecca pretty much sets up Baloo by saying that the letter "isn't important" - which is what her daughter, Molly, suggests.
  2. Bad Ending: Kit takes the letter away and Baloo later chucks it out. Later, the person that wanted the letter for the 18th class stamp was willing to pay the same amount as the contest prize, and Baloo and Kit, along with Rebecca have to chase down the garbage truck.
  3. There are a few scenes that take too long to go through:
    • The post office clerk running down the prices for shipping.
    • The post office worker in the 18th class department slowly trying to remember how to do his job.
      • And then said worker doing his job slowly.
    • The S.S. Rocket scene could have been cut out since it doesn't serve much of a purpose.
  4. The 18th class workers seem to be purposely working as slowly as possible for no reason other than to harass Baloo.
    • This can be implied when Baloo tells the boat driver "another hour and it'll be dark!" and the boat driver states that it would be good so that they can be concealed against their "enemies"
  5. Furthermore, it's one of those torture episodes that are chastised by viewers, since Baloo is paying for an honest mistake he made.
  6. How is it a felony for a sender to touch letter that's in-transit? Even in the time period that this show is set in, cancelling a delivery by a sender is still a thing.
    • Baloo is also not allowed to fly a plane with a post office letter inside, which doesn't seem fair.

Good Qualities

  1. Some funny moments, such as when Baloo yells "You deliver it on the double!!" and him manipulating the pilot's arms to fly the plane.
  2. Kit trying to tell Baloo that it's only money.
  3. Rebecca accepts responsibility for losing the sweepstakes.



  • This was the last episode by production code.


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