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You Don't Know Sponge (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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You Don't Know Sponge (SpongeBob SquarePants)
A pair of close friends quizzing on each other does not make an interesting story, neither does the idea of a friendship drama plot line work either.
Series: SpongeBob SquarePants
Part of Season: 7
Episode Number: 149a
Air Date: August 9, 2010
Writer: Luke Brookshier
Nate Cash
Derek Iversen
Previous episode: Whelk Attack
Next episode: Tunnel of Glove

"You Don't Know Sponge" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season seven. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick take a quiz on each other, which threatens their friendship.

Why It Doesn't Know Sponge

  1. The main problem with the episode is that the whole concept of SpongeBob and Patrick falling out has already been done before, but here, it is not done in a good way. The whole episode just speaks of friendship drama than a "fallout" plot line for an episode.
  2. This is another episode that has some of the laziest writing in the series ever imaginable. Its premise is essentially based on something that is trivial, which makes the episode interesting on paper, but uninteresting when used for the first half of the episode.
  3. SpongeBob and Patrick's quizzing on each other drags on for over half of the episode, hence resulting to lots of filler.
  4. This is an episode that tries to follow two plots into one episode, but fails since neither one of them work, according to the caption infobox.
  5. Some of the voice acting in this episode is really annoying and obnoxious to listen to, especially when you have Tom Kenny yell out every single scream or cry when voicing as SpongeBob. Even SpongeBob's crying sounds ungodly annoying in this episode.
  6. It's really annoying to watch Patrick not know even the most basic of info about his best friend. We know he's stupid, but this episode takes his stupidity up to eleven. SpongeBob, of course, gets all the questions right, but even that takes forever to get to the episode's conflict.
  7. False advertising: The episode's promotional advertisement is hard to even buy. You'd think SpongeBob and Patrick are really falling out, yet SpongeBob just threw a fit at Patrick by saying he doesn't know him anymore at his face, shown in the then-announced episode. Yes, Patrick wasn't any better, but this makes the episode is already an 11-minute ratings trap of very little happening with very little emotion put into the episode, let alone Nickelodeon breathe down your neck and force you to find this episode "emotional".
  8. Unfunny and weak attempts at humor throughout the episode.
    • One example being the trivia magazine being titled "Simple-Ton". That's clearly added in by telling a corny joke through a magazine.
  9. Nonsensical Ending: Patrick and SpongeBob become friends again since SpongeBob found out Patrick was buying SpongeBob a gift until Patrick gets scared by SpongeBob in the glasses and mustache with SpongeBob saying "Why me?". How do you call that an ending if that's played for low brow humor than done for the sake of a so-called "happy ending"?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting are okay.
  2. Patrick isn't depicted as outwardly callous like he is in several other episodes released around the same time, and attempts to make up for what happened by buying SpongeBob a gift despite being overly stupid in the first half of the episode, as well as the ending.
  3. Sandy calling SpongeBob a crybaby is admittedly satisfying.
  4. In a rare case of continuity for the series, the reveal that SpongeBob is ambidextrous "one season earlier" is referenced here.
  5. Some funny moments, such as the joke about Martha being no good for Frank the whale.


  • This episode was paired with "Hide and Then What Happens?" on the same day that both episodes aired.
  • Patrick sings "Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee!", making the reference to "Shanghaied."
  • First episode of The Looney Tunes Show called "Best Friends" that is outwardly similar to this one. In the aforementioned episode, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck take a quiz about each other, similar to how SpongeBob and Patrick did. Daffy didn't know anything about Bugs, similar to how Patrick didn't know anything about SpongeBob.
  • The episode title is a pun on the Jackbox Games' video game series, You Don't Know Jack.


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