You Are Welcome For Thanksgiving (Pocoyo)

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You Are Welcome For Thanksgiving (Pocoyo)
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Now this, is the definition of Pato torture.
Series: Pocoyo Specials
Episode Number: 7
Air Date: November 17, 2018
Previous episode: Pocoyo & the Haunted House
Next episode: Pocoyo's Christmas Carol

"You Are Welcome For Thanksgiving" is the 7th episode of "Pocoyo Specials". It aired in November 2018 as the 2018 Thanksgiving special.

Why It's Not Welcome For Thanksgiving

Writers, do you think, torturing Pato is funny?
  1. Its nothing but a really horrible torture episode for Pato, as Pocoyo & Nina keep torturing him & annoying him for all the things he's done, and they keep saying "Thank You" to him.
  2. Pocoyo & Nina are extremely unlikable in this episode, as they badly torture Pato by saying Thank You to him a bunch of times, and they also get him under a Thank You Very Much attack.
    • Even if it's common for toddlers around the age of 3 or 4 years old to get overexcited for a special occassion, it still doesn't excuse Pocoyo & Nina's actions in the episode.
  3. Even when Pato gets annoyed, Pocoyo & Nina still try to torture him. Similar to how SpongeBob and Patrick torture Squidward during (seasons 6-8) of SpongeBob.
  4. This episode is very exaggerated since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in either Spain or UK (which are countries of origins of the show).
  5. At the beginning of the episode, Pocoyo & Nina also somewhat torture Fred as well, which makes them even more unlikable.
  6. Terrible Ending: When Pocoyo, Nina, Pato, Elly, & Fred were about to eat the Thanksgiving dinner, they found out that Caterpillar has already eaten it, without realizing the fact that it was their food to eat.
  7. Caterpillar is somewhat unlikable too, as she joins Pocoyo & Nina to torture Pato in the Thank You Very Much game aswell as eating the Thanksgiving food without realizing that it was the others food at the ending, and now they will be starving all because the former ate the latter's food.
  8. Pocoyo, Nina, & Caterpillar are very unapologetic to Pato, as they don't even apologize to him for torturing him.
  9. Adding on to WINWFT #8, Pocoyo, Nina, & Caterpillar also get unpunished for their actions, as they receive no consequences, and get off scot-free.
  10. There is a scene where Pocoyo & Nina make Pato fall out of the sky at a very dangerous height, which could have killed him. To make matters worse: The show is for preschoolers! And that scene is considered inappropriate.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The beginning of the episode was decent, with Pocoyo & Nina rushing to meet Fred.
  2. Some of the non-human characters are still likable, such as Pato, Fred, Elly, & the Narrator.


The episode received mixed to negative reception from fans & reviewers of the show, Mainly due to Pocoyo, Nina & Caterpillar's behavior.


This is one of the episodes where Nina speaks English, the other being The Big Soccer Match.


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