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Xing Xing Digital Corporation
对于正在阅读本文的任何人,请不要让位或为周围最具争议的动画工作室之一让路。(To anyone who is reading this, please don't move aside or make way for one of the most controversial animation studios around.)
Industry: Animation
Founded: 2004
Defunct: 2018[1]
Headquarters: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Key people: Lifeng Wang (president)
Steven D. Katz (executive producer)

Xing Xing Digital Corporation (幸星动画; literally Lucky Star Animation, also known as Xing Xing Digital, or simply Xing Xing) was a Chinese animation studio located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. It was established in 2004 and apparently went defunct in 2018. The studio specialized in producing large scale 3D animation, 2D animation, visual effects, stereoscopic movies, games, and titles for well-known institutions both home and abroad. The studio was also known for providing animation services for shows, especially Fireman Sam from Seasons 6-10.

为什么 HiT Entertainment 不应该离开并为他们让路 (Why HiT Entertainment Shouldn't Have Moved Aside And Made Way For Them)

  1. To get this straight, many of their animation work (especially their CGI animation) tend to range from average to very low-quality and sub-par, such as Fireman Sam, Wild Animal Baby Explorers, The Hero of Color City and Gisele and the Green Team, mostly due to poor rendering. Animation errors from them are also present in most cases.
    • Speaking of animation errors, in 2016, they were caught in crossfire after a Fireman Sam episode from Season 9, "Troubled Waters", gained controversy and almost got banned from circulation due to someone from the studio adding a page of the Qur'an script that Elvis Cridlington accidentally slipped over.[2] In result of this, HiT Entertainment ended up cutting ties with them completely and they were eventually replaced by DHX Media to do the animation services, starting with Season 11.
  2. Apparently, they've provided additional services to some bad films, such as the infamous animated film Foodfight!.
  3. They've also made some bad/mediocre TV shows and movies as well, as mentioned in WTS#1.
  4. Sometimes, they announce a TV series or film, in collaboration with another company (like Pelagius Entertainment), though somehow, they never finish nor release them. "Smart" serves as a prime example of this, which was an animated film that was supposed to be released in 2016, also to be directed by Jimmy Neutron co-creator John A. Davis[3], (images and the synopsis of film were post on Xing Xing's website) but it was never released and will unlikely ever happen due to Xing Xing and Pelagius possibly going out of business by 2018.
  5. Their logo almost looks too similar to Xilam's logo.

兑换品质 (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. They did make/licensed/worked on some good TV shows/films, such as Secret Millionaires Club, The Octonauts, Peter Rabbit (under Silvergate Media for the latter two), as well as a few well-received Chinese films like Red Cliff.
  2. As opposed to their CG animation work, their SFXs are decent at best.


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