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Xiaolin Chronicles

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Xiaolin Chronicles
Xiaolin Chronicles of how not to revive a great series.
Genre: Action-adventure
Martial arts
Science fantasy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: August 26, 2013 – July 1, 2015
Network(s): Canal J
Disney XD
Created by: Christy Hui
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television
Starring: Tara Strong
Eric Bauza
Jennifer Hale
David Kaye
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26
Previous show: Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Chronicles is a American-French Canadian produced animated action television series that is a revival to the 2003 animated series Xiaolin Showdown. It first aired on Disney XD in the United States on August 26, 2013 before airing the rest of the episodes on Netflix on July 1, 2015.


Set many years after the events of Showdown, the monks are now joined by a new recruit that is similar to Omi named Ping-Pong and they must continue looking for Shen-Gong Wu before the evil Heylin forces do.

Bad Qualities

  1. All of the characters’ voice actors (except Omi's and Katnappe's) have been recast with Canadian voice actors due to the show being produced in that country.
    1. Michael Donovan replaces Maurice LaMarche as Master Fung, even though LaMarche himself was born in Toronto.
    2. Speaking of Donovan, he does a poor job replacing Wayne Knight as Dojo the Dragon.
    3. The voice acting is a loophole, as the Canadian actors live in Los Angeles and have dual citizenship (US/Canada).
  2. New characters that appear in this show was very pointless to add like Ping-Pong and Shadow.
    • Speaking of Ping Pong, he is annoying and useless character.
    • Also, why couldn't they just bring back Jermaine from Showdown.
  3. Because Warner Bros. didn't produce this cartoon, many of the character designs and Shen Gong Wu's names were changed. Such as Dojo the dragon being yellow instead of green.
  4. Lots of continuity errors, like where Raimundo is promoted to Shoku Warrior, the leader of the Xiaolin Dragons by the end of the original series, but here, everyone is promoted to Shoku Warrior, which is now another rank and deprives the possibilities of showing Raimundo struggling with leadership.
  5. Some of the characters has been flanderized:
    • Omi went being from a self-centered and yet positive traits such as deep appreciation for his friends into a selfish brat.
    • Chase Young went being from a villain who is just badass into a generic bland villain, especially in the final episode. He even shown in "Chase Lays an Egg", there was an infamous scene, that he was crying, making him a completely out of character for him.
  6. Some of gross-out humor, like where Dojo rapidly break out in boils that pop then spew pus all other the place.
  7. A lot of the episodes were getting boring to watch and continued to get worse and worse. It was so bad that only 13 of its episodes aired in the US, leaving 6 unaired until July 1, 2015 when they were burned off on Netflix.
  8. The Xiaolin Showdowns being animated in 3D is kind of weird, although the 3D animation is good.
  9. It also has problems on what it really wants to be as a story. It tries too hard to be a revivial but at the same time, it also tries too hard to be a reboot.

Good Qualities

  1. Tara Strong and Jennifer Hale came back to reprise their roles as Omi and Katnappe.
  2. Christy Hui returned as executive producer.
  3. Some of the action is still good.
  4. The animation and the character designs are decent.
  5. This show was also good for those who are remembering Xiaolin Showdown in the old Kids' WB days.
  6. Most of the characters were really likable and hasn't been flanderized, like Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, Master Fung, Jack Spicer and Wuyu.
  7. The intro, while short, is decent.