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Wolfoo New Intro.png
Look, it's Peppa Pig...
but worse!
Genre: Elsagate
Children's animation
Gross-out humor
Running Time: 3-7 minutes

11 minutes (Specials)

Country: Vietnam
Release Date: August 23, 2018 - Present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: SCONNECT
Distributed by: WOA Entertainment
Starring: Wolfoo
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 1,046

Wolfoo is a YouTube children’s animated web series created by a Vietnamese company, SCONNECT. The series is about Wolfoo, a wolf living on a hill in a small American village with his parents and his sisters, Lucy and Jenny. Pando and Kat are Wolfoo's best friends. The show itself is notorious for its striking similarities to Peppa Pig.

Why It Deserved to be Sued by eOne

  1. Just to get things straight, the series is a complete and obvious rip-off of Peppa Pig which isn't any better. In fact, it's Peppa Pig done worse.
    • Everything about it is similar. The animation style, elements, feel, and characters (e.g. most of the characters are ripoffs of any of the Pigs, Candy Cat, Molly Mole, and to a lesser extent both Pandora/Peggi Panda) all look and feel like they were traced directly from Peppa Pig. They even used sound effects from the latter too (it is a good thing that they toned down the use of Peppa Pig sound effects by Season 3 however).
    • Despite Peppa Pig being a bad series, it's better than Wolfoo due to being an iconic British cartoon and being treated better by children and adults.
  2. It’s worse over the fact that this is not only a Peppa Pig clone but it even uses stuff from other media in a way very reminiscent of Elsagate-era videos like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, the trademark Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Superman from the DC comics, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel from the Marvel comics, the characters from Angry Birds (notably being Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, King Pig or Minion Pigs), Pac-Man from his titular series, etc. They even used Sonic the Hedgehog as well. Fortunately, those were removed in Season 3.
  3. The channels contain a lot of clickbait like most “YouTube Kids Cartoons (aka Elsagate)” on YouTube.
  4. This series has tons of unlikable characters:
    • Wolfoo is an unlikeable child who is rude to all of his family (especially Lucy) and friends and always treats them badly. He hardly ever gets any reprimanding or punishment at all respectively making him a bit of a Karma Houdini. He's also sadistic as proved in an episode where he has to babysit aliens. In the said episode, he is selfish and doesn’t want to share his toys with them even locking them up in Lego jail cells so he won’t have to share with them.
    • Pando is a glutton who eats far too many apples, betrays his so-called best friends, and steals others' property as well. Not to mention eating too many fruits can harm him.
    • Wolfoo and Lucy's parents are just generic parents with no personality and can sometimes fight with each other for no reason.
    • Kat is a cowardly child who (ironically) gets scared of mice and is a Mary Sue who mistreats Wolfoo and Pando all the time.
    • Bufo and Piggy are complete jerks to everyone, possibly even worse than Wolfoo. They also bully Wolfoo (Bufo for the most part), do gross-out things all the time, and have no sense or hint of likability, remorse, or even personality.
    • Lucy is an even more jerk than Wolfoo, gets the most Butt-Monkey treatment out of all the Wolf family, throws tantrums, and is a pathetic recolor of Wolfoo but with tan fur. Let's also not forget that she's absolutely MEAN-SPIRITED, to the point she's even more unlikeable than the main character himself, or even Peppa on that note (at least Peppa's bossiness isn't taken this far).
      • In one episode, Jenny was playing with Lucy's doll, and they fight over it. Eventually, it tears apart, and Lucy says to Jenny that she hates her. That's just cruel and mean-spirited.
      • In another episode, Wolfoo tries to protect the blocks (made for Jenny) from Lucy. The blocks are not meant to be ruined. Then, Lucy comes up with a prank where she starts yelling for help. As you have expected, Wolfoo comes right in, and then Lucy locks the door and ruins the blocks. She did, fortunately, get comeuppance for what she did later on.
      • Another time, she even manipulates Jenny into becoming an "Object Terror" Mint. She throws a stinky sock at Wolfoo, and he gets angry, chases her on a skateboard, and also tries to shoot her down with a plunger but misses. Then, Wolfoo gets her Elsa doll toy and acts as if he wants to challenge her to a sword duel (or a doll duel to make more sense), but then she hits him in the head, causing Wolfoo to attempt to hit her back, but his mom tells him not to. She was supposed to punish Lucy instead. Then, Jenny throws a stinky sock at Wolfoo and throws the Elsa doll at Lucy as well, indicating that Jenny became obsessed with them.
      • In another episode, Wolfoo puts in rules for the pool. His friends and Lucy do not care and continue what they're doing. They even went as far as to take down the rules and start doing even more irresponsible stuff in the pool. Lucy plays a prank on Wolfoo and locks the house door on him. To make matters worse, she even had the key and started to play with it in the pool until it was about to burst. Wolfoo somehow gets out of the house and saves them before the pool flies away. You guys are lucky enough Wolfoo saved you, but that was very irresponsible!
    • Moly is the biggest butt-monkey out of all of them, has little to no reason to exist, and comes out short by personality and character development.
    • Croco feels like a reskin of Moly, except that, unlike Moly, he did nothing memorable at all. He also looks nothing like a crocodile. He is quite destructive as well.
    • Police Bu is a stereotypical bully police officer with no personality and acts like a jerk to his enemy, Rhino.
    • Rhino is nothing more than a generic doomsday villain, has no personality whatsoever, and is a punching bag for Police Bu, as he always treats him horribly and arrests him all the time. True, he is technically a villain, but still.
    • Jenny (a new character) is basically Baby Alexander, except more mischievous and annoying, making it hard for Wolfoo and Lucy to babysit her (which happens in a few episodes).
    • Pandolar (another new character) is basically created for filler and is mean-spirited towards Jenny, such as in the scene where he farts at her.
  5. Jumping the shark by adding too many new characters, such as Jenny, Pandolar, and the Air Conditioner, who is a freaking object for example. Some of them are even used for filler.
  6. The character assets are horrible rip-offs of the ones from Peppa Pig. For example, some characters have 2 eyes on either side of their head, which means they have 4 in total. (It’s a common Peppa Pig theory.)
    • Thankfully, the series "Wolfoo the Adventurer" and a couple of episodes feature the characters only having 2 eyes on either side of their head.
  7. Unnecessary filler.
  8. It's still going: It first appeared in the mid-2010s (in late 2017 to mid-2018) as a part of the infamous "Elsagate" controversy that ran for around a year (2016-2017). Out of all of those, this one is still running. Although, it might get taken down as eOne filed a lawsuit against the show.
  9. The show tries way too hard to be hip with kids, said attempts make the show hop into trends, like a Pop-It fidget and a fidget spinner occasionally appearing in thumbnails of videos, and you can also hear laughing on screen.
  10. Hypocrisy and Unfortunate Implications: Despite being a kids' show, they add inappropriate content in it, such as racism, pregnancy, pornography, swearing, urine, vomit, feces, and even cannibalism.
    • In this episode, a black crayon wants to help Wolfoo and the other crayons but makes messes in the process, so they start acting like jerks to him, which is considered as racism.
    • In this episode, Kat gets her uvula hurt, and then Wolfoo tries to help, so he goes into Kat's mouth and almost gets eaten in the process. We know Kat and Wolfoo are not the same species, but still.
    • They also add things that are gross-out: such as characters vomiting (often offscreen), the explicit details of pregnancy (e.g., Wolfoo knowing what morning sickness is and Wolfoo’s mother becoming nauseous around smells while pregnant with Lucy), characters graphically revealing parts of their body (e.g., in one episode, Pando pulls Wolfoo's pants down), and babies wetting and soiling their diapers so much that the diaper leaks.
    • In one episode, there is a scene where a character says that he is going to kick another character's ass.
  11. Most of the voice acting is bad, such as Bufo's for example, because his voice feels like it is pitched down.
  12. Most of the intros for the show are generic. There're two which has the letter "O" shaped as Wolfoo's head jumping in, then Kat, Wolfoo, and Pando come out of nowhere and then stare at the screen. Another intro has Wolfoo running away, with his friends in hot pursuit. The ending screen is also generic, as it shows Wolfoo and the rest of the cast walking.
  13. Some of the characters' names are lazy. For example, Piggy's name is just "Piggy" and nothing more.
  14. The comments on all of the episodes are disabled, hinting that the creators do not tolerate criticism. Although this can probably be attributed to the videos being automatically marked by YouTube as “Made for Kids”.
  15. Most of the time, the characters rarely get screen time (especially Croco, Moly, and Pandolar), with Wolfoo, Pando, Kat, and Lucy getting too much screen time. More like them being the main characters.
  16. Such bad episodes such as "The magical watermelon", "Stop, Don't Bath in Chocolate", "Play safe on the railroad", "Mommy is angry", "Naughty Babies Alien", etc.
  17. Like most other shows such as Caillou, it can be a bad influence on children because of the characters' behavior.
    • Overall, it can be seen as an uninspired and intolerable rip-off of Peppa Pig and an even worse one at that.
    1. Some channels were made just to rip-off Wolfoo, such as Bob Family, Nova Family and Wolf Pica which also use the Peppa Pig art-style and sound effects, making them knock-offs of a knock-off.
  18. The video and the channel's description say that the audio is owned by SConnect, but as mentioned above, some of the audio is ripped from Peppa Pig. Are they lying or what?
    • As for whatever reason, this even counts as plagiarism.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The characters sometimes get comeuppance for their bad actions, like Lucy in one episode when she was playing in the hospital.
  2. The series "Wolfoo the Adventurer" can be considered decent enough.
  3. Some moments from the show are funny and can even make for some unintentional comedy.
  4. Some of the characters are likable. Rhino sometimes is a good example, as he always gets picked on by Police Bu.
  5. Some episodes are good, funny, and tolerable enough, especially from Season 3. Most of them also do have good morals.
  6. The show had improved by Season 3, they slowed down the use of Peppa Pig Sound Effects, they don't even use them in some episodes, removing other copyrighted toys, characters, and references throughout the series, and most episodes started getting better, tolerable and original.
  7. Depending on your view, the alternate channel "Wolfoo Kid Songs" could be considered better than the original channel, seeing as they don't use sound effects from Peppa Pig and the characters are somewhat a little more tolerable, but that still doesn't excuse it for their 3D animations ripping off channels like BabyBus though.


Despite being a success with young children, Wolfoo has been universally panned for being a rip-off of Peppa Pig and has received negative receptions that even the studio behind the show, SCONNECT, has recently gotten a currently-pending lawsuit from eOne, the company behind Peppa Pig.


  • The first official episode of Wolfoo first came out on August 23, 2018, and was called "Hide and Seek". The video can be watched here.



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