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Winning Lines (US version)

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Winning Lines is an American game show that aired from January 8 to February 18, 2000, the day after its official cancellation. Based on the British version of the same name, it was considered as CBS's answer to the success of ABC's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

The show was hosted by Dick Clark, directed by James Yukich and produced by Stone Stanley Entertainment in conjunction with the British production company Celador (creator of Millionaire). The announcer for the program was Chuck Riley.

This was Dick Clark's final show with the CBS Network. In the wake of poor ratings, it was canceled after 10 episodes, one of which never aired.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor grasp of the source material.
  2. Rule changes in Wonderwall: every question has a time limit of 15 seconds and if you don't answer in that time or give a wrong answer you get a strike. Three strikes and your game is over. With two pit stops you also have two passes. And if you get two strikes or 15 seconds left on your 3:00 clock, you can press the bail out button and take your money. Meanwhile in the original British version, you don't have any penalty for wrong answers and you can think more than 15 seconds or use one of two pit stops to stop time for 15 seconds.
  3. Episodes only lasted for an half-hour, unlike other million dollar primetime game shows, which lasted for one hour.
  4. Terrible announcing from Chuck Riley.
  5. Horrible use of contestants.
  6. A terrible ending to Dick Clark's partnership with CBS, as he died 12 years later.


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