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Wild Grinders

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Wild Grinders
Definitely not something we would call wild...
Genre: Animated comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: April 27, 2012 – February 12, 2015
Network(s): Nicktoons
Created by: Rob Dyrdek
Distributed by: MoonScoop Group
Starring: Rob Dyrdek
Sterling "Steelo" Brim
Kel Mitchell
Cam Clarke
Yuri Lowenthal
Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Erin Fitzgerald
Lee Harrell
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52

Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders (or simply known as Wild Grinders) is an American animated television sitcom created and produced by former skateboarder Rob Dyrek. It aired on Nicktoons and Teletoon from 2012 to 2015.


The show follows Lil' Rob and his friends getting into wacky adventures as they skateboard their way out.

Why It's Too Wild (And NOT In A Good Way)

  1. Bad animation; The visual effects are lazy and the character movements, in particular, are very stilted and somewhat limited.
  2. The characters have annoying voices and are stereotypical and one-dimensional.
    • Meaty's voice in Season 2 is more annoying than ever.
  3. It has way too much slang.
    • Speaking of which, the show tries to be "hip," but fails.
  4. The show is a rip-off of Rocket Power, Johnny Test, and Dennis and Gnasher. Ironically, both this Dennis and Gnasher and Rocket Power air on the same channel.
  5. Many of the sound effects are stolen from other media, the show even uses a handful of sound effects that were also used in Johnny Test, including the infamous whip crack sound.
  6. The art style is similar to the one The Nutshack uses, and that of Pixel Pinkie as well.
    • Also, the main characters look more like rappers than skateboarders. Rapper-looking characters were already used in The Nutshack, which fits well in it judging by its premise. In the case of Wild Grinders, however, it just makes it worse than The Nutshack.
  7. Laughably bad pacing.
  8. Horrid designs for most of the characters, especially the design for Goggles.
    • Lil' Rob looks too similar to Dawg from the Johnny Test episode, "Johnny Re-Animated".
    • The design for Stubford Hucksterball looks way too similar to Bling-Bling Boy's design from Johnny Test.
    • On top of that, the characters have some very odd expressions at times.
  9. Horrendous writing and execution, which results in most of the plots being dull and causes many things such as filler to occur.
  10. Stubford Hucksterball can be considered a Butt-Monkey since he gets tortured in many mean-spirited ways.
  11. Lil' Rob is an unlikable protagonist, as all he cares about is skateboarding and he does not care about his family. An example of this is in "Golden Grinders", where he wants to get adopted by a rich family just to get better skateboarding stuff and be famous, showing that he cares more about skateboarding and being famous than his own family.
    • On top of that, he also seems like a poor man's version of Johnny Test. However, unlike Rob, Johnny is shown to care about his family and is very heroic while Lil' Rob is just an obnoxious selfish stereotypical brat who cares about nothing but skateboarding.
    • All of his catchphrases, especially "WHAAAAAAAAATT?!," are very annoying.
  12. Annoying attempts at humor, which sometimes just consists of gross-out, toilet humor with running gags throughout episodes just being how Meaty's farts are stinky.
  13. Unnecessary Jurassic Park reference in the episode "Roman Grinders".
  14. The backgrounds are choppy looking.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Catchy music, including its theme song and end credits.
  2. Some of the character designs are passable.
  3. The show did improve a bit in Season Two, although not by much.
    • The animation slightly got better in said season, but then again not by much.
    • The European Portuguese and Arabic dubs can also be considered improvements (at-least when it comes to the voice acting), but then again, not by much.
  4. Some funny moments here and there.
  5. Jay Jay and Emo Crys are the only tolerable characters in the show.
  6. Some of the episodes were decent, such as "Out of Tune" and "Meaty in Black".


Wild Grinders received overwhelmingly negative reviews. It currently has a 2/10 on IMDb and a 2.8/10 on Rating Graph, the show is also considered to be one of the worst Nickelodeon shows of all time.


  • It was over aired to the max on the Nicktoons channel, being the second most aired show on the channel behind Jimmy Neutron, until it was entirely ceased to air in late 2016.
  • Rob Dyrdek, the creator of this show, was also the creator of the MTV show Ridiculousness.
  • It was originally going to have a movie, but it was cancelled due to the show's negative reception.