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Wicked Game (As Told by Ginger)

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Wicked Game
Cruel breakup episode..png
Why would my best friends try to ruin something that makes me really happy?
Series: As Told By Ginger
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 44
Air Date: (United States) August 30, 2003
Writer: Emily Kapnek
Previous episode: Far From Home
Next episode: The Easter Ham

Wicked Game is the 44th episode of As Told by Ginger. It is often considered the worst episode of the show.


Ginger returns to school from the Fine Arts Academy but now she and Darren are inseparable. This angers Dodie who misses her best friend and she and Macie fall easy prey for Miranda and Mipsy's scheme to break them up. Noelle loses Carl to Polly for the weekend and she makes Carl play 'Bird' with her.

Why It Ain't Wicked

  1. Dodie, Macie, Miranda and Mipsy all try to break Ginger and Darren up, for their own reasons:
    • Dodie and Macie for how Ginger ignored her best friends in favor of Darren.
    • Miranda and Mipsy because Ginger pays no attention to their attempts to insult her.
  2. Carl's sub-plot is no better. He is forced to play with a bird obsessed girl named Polly Shuster, after his girlfriend Noelle loses to her in a game of cards.
  3. It was very out of character for Macie to try and break Ginger and Darren up, given that she is a caring and kind hearted girl.
  4. Continuity error: In the very next episode, Ginger, Dodie, and Macie are all friends again, as if they never tried to betray her. This occurence is never properly explained either.
  5. Blake takes pictures of Carl and Polly together and plans on showing them to Noelle.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Courtney is the only girl who didn't try to break Ginger and Darren up. She also overhears the girls discussing their plan, and tells Ginger about it.
  2. Dodie at least sends a message where she apologizes to Ginger, which might be the reason why Ginger is friends with her and Macie again in the next episode, as Ginger would eventually get the message and forgive them, even if it doesn’t really fix the plot hole.


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