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Who Stole The Cake? (Ryan's World)

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Who Stole The Cake? (Ryan's World)
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"Who Stole the Cake?"
EK World cake.jpg
This ain't a piece of cake!
Part of Season: EK World
Episode Number: 1 (of EK World)
Air Date: June 1, 2022
Writer: Unknown
Director: Unknown

"Who Stole the Cake?" is an animated webisode of Ryan's World.


Alpha Lexa's cake has been stolen! Emma and Kate become detectives and look for suspects!

Why They Will Never Find The Cake

  1. The flash animation, while having more effort than previous episodes, still looks cheap and suffers from constant framerate drops. Also, the characters' movements are very inconsistent, as it constantly changes from being fluid to stiff in multiple scenes, and they feel robotic and forced.
  2. Some of the characters are unlikable
    • Emma and Kate's voices sound nothing like their real-life counterparts. The new voices are pitch-shifted and annoying to listen to.
    • Alpha Lexa is a drama-queen who whines about losing the cake at her dinner party.
    • Combo Panda and Gus are both dumb and naive characters who lie to others to their advantage.
    • The Packrat (the character who disguised himself for most of the episode) is a whiny tantrum-thrower who stole the cake for no reason.
  3. The stock sound effects and music are mediocre and sometimes irritating.
  4. There are some noticeable animation errors in the episode, such as one which is visible on Alpha Lexa's tail.[1]
  5. The backgrounds are clipart stolen from Google Images, just use Reverse Image Search.
    • This is evident by the fact that the backgrounds themselves are slightly pixelated and blurry.
  6. The characters make these weird anime facial expressions that look uncanny.
  7. The episode is nothing but a cash-grabbing tie-in for Ryan's World products that feature Emma and Kate.
  8. On the thumbnail, the poses that Emma and Kate do are traced from one of Mario and Sonic's artwork renders.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The episode has an interesting plotline, that could work if it was executed in other shows.



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