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Where's Shelly (The Eggs)

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Where's Shelly?
Where's Shelly Title.jpg
It left because of this terrible episode.
Series: The Eggs
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 7
Writer: Don Arioli
Katherine Sandford
Previous episode: The Dangerous Driver
Next episode: There's Shelly

Where's Shelly? is the 7th episode of The Eggs.


The crew (except for Yolky) put on a performance to make the passengers stop revolting, meanwhile Yolky tries sounds to fix Min, but it goes out of control and ends up with them going to the Backalley Planet. When they’re done with their performance, the crew can’t seem to find the spaceship.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episode seems to include a lot of filler, especially with the performance scenes.
  2. Bizarre and weird designs of the passengers.
  3. Yolky calls Benedict a “fathead” in the beginning of this episode, which is mean-spirited.
  4. Min is out of character in this episode.
    • The distorted sounds Min makes are weird and creepy at best, especially the laugh.
    • Speaking of the laugh, it’s heavily disturbing to hear.
  5. Sometimes, there’s literally several seconds of silence heard in this episode.

Good Qualities

  1. The second part of the half-hour episode, There's Shelly is pretty decent.
  2. The song at the end is pretty good and catchy.