Watermelon Gag (Uncle Grandpa)

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Watermelon Gag is the second half of the ninth episode of the second season of Uncle Grandpa.

Watermelon Gag (Uncle Grandpa)
Don't put anything big in your mouth, this episode is an example of that.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 9b
Air Date: August 13, 2015
Writer: Zeus Cervas
Director: Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
Previous episode: Bottom Bag
Next episode: Uncle Grandpa Babies


Uncle Grandpa tells how he became a laughing stock when he got an entire watermelon stuck in his mouth.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is an Uncle Grandpa torture episode.
  2. The main idea that Uncle Grandpa has a watermelon stuck in his mouth sounds uninteresting and unpleasant.
  3. The episode tries to teach that doing stupid things just to make people laugh is dangerous, but the execution was extremely poor. Also, this morality is now useless for the show, since "Duck Lips" had already done it and in a much better way than this episode.
  4. All the characters in the episode are obnoxious, stupid, and hypocritical. They see Uncle Grandpa in danger, but instead of removing the fruit from his mouth, they just laugh at him, not even using an iota of seriousness. The TV host is the worst, as it was he who decided that Uncle should be his guest star, and without thinking twice, he took him where he didn't want to. it is because of him that Uncle has lost his friendship with Mr Gus and Pizza Steve.
    • Even when Uncle was walking away from the talent show, while he was afraid of what he was seeing, he didn't really notice that, after distorting his gaze, there was a guy with a pineapple in his mouth on Uncle's pavilion.
  5. This episode feels like a union between three infamous Spongebob episodes:
    • The Splinter, because the plot is about something that got stuck on a part of the protagonist's body and that the latter has to remove it, but without success.
    • Stuck in the Wringer, just as Patrick was an asshole to Spongebob, without even noticing his situation, the characters in this episode behave the same way with Grandpa. Not to mention that the idea of ​​Uncle Grandpa having a watermelon stuck in his mouth seems too similar to that of Spongebob being stuck in a glue-sprinkled wringer.
    • Face Freeze!, The way Uncle eats watermelon slices in a weird way, only to end up in a bad situation with a melon stuck in his mouth, sounds very similar to how Spongebob and Patrick make funny faces, only to end up with them stuck in a way. unsettling. However, the citizens of Bikini Bottom, instead of laughing around him, get scared.
      • Ironically, these three Spongebob episodes are from the show's sixth, seventh and eighth seasons respectively, which are considered the most mediocre (although 6 and 8 were not as bad as 7).
      • There is an episode based on that, being Funny Face.
  6. Numerous plot holes, which make this episode even more senseless:
    • Like in The Splinter, where Spongebob could cut his arm and grow another one again, why doesn't Uncle change his head as shown in other episodes of the show? Or why not just smash the watermelon in his mouth with his laser hammer?
    • Why didn't Belly Bag say anything to Grandpa at the time?
    • The TV host borrows Uncle Grandpa only because he seemed to have accepted with his incomprehensible words. Why couldn't the latter turn his head left and right in denial?
    • As mentioned earlier, many characters in the episode keep laughing at Uncle Grandpa without even noticing his sad demeanor. In real life there would have been associations that would have helped a man in similar conditions in the shortest possible time.
  7. Atrocious and nonsensical humor, like the scene where Mr. Gus wants Uncle Grandpa's unicorn panties.
  8. The way Uncle Grandpa finally manages to get the watermelon out is incredibly silly. He creates a puddle of tears then looks at himself in the puddle and laughs so hard the watermelon finally comes out.
  9. The ending of this episode is considered the worst in the whole history of Cartoon Network, because not only is it horrible, but it also contradicts the moral that the episode teaches: mainly the flashback ends and after the uncle says that putting a watermelon in mouth is a crime against humanity, but then he admits that putting a pineapple in his mouth is better, thus ending up with another fruit in his mouth, but this time he's not scared. The episode ends with the kid running away scared of what had happened and Pizza Steve telling Mr Gus that he is a pineapple and that he doesn't have to worry about Grandpa.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The moral of the episode, although badly done, is easy to understand.
    • Having said that, this episode could inadvertently teach a second very good moral, namely that of not eating food in mouthfuls, otherwise you will suffocate.
  2. The start of this episode was interesting.
  3. At least the watermelon was taken out towards the end, which is a little satisfying to Grandpa.
  4. A few slightly funny moments here and there, like when the melon was ejected from the mouth and ended up on Uncle Grandpa's head.
  5. Uncle Grandpa is still a likable character.


Watermelon Gag received mostly mixed reviews from critics and audiences. On IMDb it has a mostly positive score of 6.7. However this episode has aged badly compared to others on the show, so much so that it is often considered the worst episode on the show.


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