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Waterlogged (WordWorld)

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Waterlogged (WordWorld)
Pig Torture Episode.jpg
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 6b
Air Date: September 14, 2007
Previous episode: Pies, Pies, Pies (Pies)
Next episode: Dog's Camping Adventure (Tent)

Waterlogged is the second segment of the sixth episode of the first season of WordWorld, and is overall the twelfth episode of the series.


Frog and Pig’s friendship is put to the test when Frog moves in with Pig after his log sinks, which Bug sneezed at the box tops. After some silly mishaps, Pig and Frog finally come to an understanding about how important it is to see things from a friend’s perspective.

Bad Qualities

  1. Frog is very unlikable in this episode, as he tortures Pig. He even is too stupid to know that he is torturing Pig.
    • In fact, this is really out of character for Frog as he is supposed to be intelligent.
  2. Because of what Frog has done to Pig, it is a Pig torture episode.
  3. While Ant and his workmates tried to fix Frog's log, they end up doing the same mistake again. Lifting up the letters and putting them in the wrong order, then putting them back down again.
  4. There are three things Frog has done that tortured Pig.
    1. Firstly, Frog kept Pig up all night, while making very loud snores.
    2. Then Frog turned Pig's pots into tops by moving the words "P" and "T" from Pot around.
    3. And final and most infamously, Frog rudely takes the words "A", "K" and "E" from Pig's cake and took the letter "R" to make a rake, and rakes Pig's mud.
  5. Frog never got punished for what he has done to Pig.
  6. Plot Hole: Ant and his workmates could've made up a better and different strategy rather than doing the strategy they are doing again and again. Because of this, that makes Ant pretty idiotic in this episode, making him quite far from likable.
    1. This is also really out of character for Ant as he, like Frog supposed to be intelligent

Good Qualities

  1. The "Build a Word" song is still good.
  2. Pig is still likable, even everyone else (except for Frog and Ant) is likable.
  3. Frog showed Pig (and the viewers) that Pot is the reversed version of Top, which is pretty interesting for kids.
  4. Good Ending: Even though he never got punished for his actions, Frog, at the very least, apologized to Pig at the near end and told him he was actually trying to thank Pig for being nice to him this whole time. They then work together to rebuild Frog's log and everything leads to a good ending.


  • The "Build a Word" word for this episode is: "Log".


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