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Very Special Deliveries (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

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Very Special Deliveries (Oggy and the Cockroaches)
Very Special Delieveries (Oggy and the Cockroaches).jpg
Welp, at least this episode gives you an example of how not to be a good Amazon shipper.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 72
Air Date: March 13, 2015
Writer: Olivier Jean-Marie (also director)
Previous episode: From Mumbai with Love
Next episode: Shoplifting

Very Special Deliveries is the 72th episode of Season 4 of Oggy and the Cockroaches. It premiered on March 13, 2015.


Bob gives Oggy and Jack a job to deliver needed supplies to crucial objectives of the needs of customers. They proceeded into the road, but not without a reminder from the officer they needed a special marking, so Oggy used his nose. Then the cockroach trio attempt to sabotage the truck over and over again by wrecking the insides of the truck, resulting in the products being broken. They distracted Oggy while he was on the poles needed for the pole vault, resulting in the said poles flying in the air and crashing at the stadium. Bob then assigns Oggy and Jack into a delivery involving 2 horses. Impatiently, Jack argued with Oggy and sped up the truck, crashing into the other truck. Then they sent a vase to the gangsters, only to be shot at very hard. Joey opened the box, resulting in a swarm of spiders raiding an entire city. Bob noticed his door being knocked, seeing an angry mob and senselessly got beaten. He angrily put Oggy and Jack in a box shipping them to Africa, only to see a huge amount of spiders a few moments later.

Why It's Not A Special Gift

  1. The Cockroaches, Jack, and Bob are unlikable characters in this episode, since the former one causes the wreckage of the deliveries and the second one costs the responsibilities of the deliveries, mostly the second and the third.
  2. Plot hole: How are the poles not sliding out of the back of the truck without being strapped or secured? Plus, it feels unrealistic even by legal standards and you could get arrested if you're the owner of a company for not securing the products on the truck with straps, and so on.
    • However, the back doors at the truck were justified to not be closed, as the poles were far too long to allow the back doors to be shut.
  3. Oggy and Jack arguing while delivering the horses to a birthday party made it seem like they didn't learn to be more cautious when driving, resulting in Jack being reckless and illegally overtaking a slow vehicle, crashing into another truck and causing a huge explosion (however, Oggy tried to drive carefully while Jack was the one who caused this accident).
    • The girl's father then showed anger when he saw the horses being in bad condition without showing any sympathy to horses along with Oggy and Jack, but his frustration is excusable as the horses were expensive to rent.
  4. Even though Bob told Oggy and Jack to deliver the horses, he apparently still didn't ask what happened to the previous delivery and should have asked the two to find out the problem before he sent them to deliver.
  5. Whoever is more at fault for bad deliveries is debatable and confusing, the cockroaches caused trouble with the vase delivery, yet Oggy and Jack just ignored the scraping sound and Jack turned up the volume of the radio.
    • Usually in a lot of cases in Season 4, the cockroaches are the ones responsible for the conflicts, but this time, some moments in the episode contradict the purpose the cockroaches are supposed to be the reckless ones, thus breaking the show's rules in general.
  6. The designs of the Chinese gangsters come off as offensive with yellow skin and rodent-like buck teeth.
  7. An aftermath of the said gangsters noticing the vase is broken resulted in them get very angry and flat-out shooting Oggy and Jack with an excessive amount of guns (although it happens offscreen).
  8. The angry mob did not also blame Oggy and Jack for being irresponsible (even though they're not causing the problems, but rather the cockroaches) with their deliveries, to the point they flat out beat up Bob instead of simply making complaints, and get off scot-free, and even an unlikable Bob getting beat up is hardly satisfying. Also, Bob didn't deserve to get pummeled because these incidents were not his fault.
  9. Bob then illegally shipped Oggy and Jack into Africa despite them violating work codes which would get them in a lawsuit and then jail.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite being a torture episode, it can teach a valuable lesson you have to be responsible when managing a work place.
  2. The spider scene is rather enjoyable compared to the rest of the episode, especially the moment at the very end where one of the spiders breaks the fourth wall by winking at the camera.
  3. Oggy is the only likable character in this episode since he is responsible enough to deliver, but it fails.


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