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V.I.P Party (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

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V.I.P Party (Oggy and the Cockroaches)
VIP Party Oggy title card.png
If you want to enter a V.I.P party, you have to behave like a gentleman, not misbehave like a crazy person
Series: Oggy and the Cockroaches
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 5 (2b)
Air Date: October 22, 2008
Writer: Hugo Gittard
Previous episode: Abandoned Cockroaches
Next episode: Scuba Diving

V.I.P Party is the second part of episode 2 or the fifth episode of Oggy and the Cockroaches


Oggy attends Lord Latouille's castle for a party, but the roaches wreak havoc and cause him to chase them. Joey sees a beautiful woman who comes here for a date.

Why It's Not A V.I.P

  1. This is an Oggy torture episode as the roaches (Marky and DeeDee) mess up the party, hurting Oggy's feelings, and disturbing his reputation, as well as getting hugged by a fat woman.
  2. Plot Hole: While he drives very well in the previous episodes, how did he not park properly at the beginning of the episode and drive carefully at the end of the episode?
  3. The cockroaches (except Joey) are unlikeable in this episode as they mess up Oggy's VIP party by trashing the foods, which causes Oggy to mess up the banquet, scaring him using the boar taxidermy, vandalizing a painting using crayons, and eating one of the pages from the green book.
  4. There are mean-spirited moments in this episode:
    • Oggy messing up the foods on the table after he saw the cockroaches, except Joey, eating, which causes the members to get shocked.
    • Marky and DeeDee use deadly weapons to beat up Oggy (offscreen), making him into a cashier.
    • Joey beaten up a handsome man after he sat on the former while impressing a woman.
    • Dee Dee and Marky slam Oggy's face using a painting before they enter the library.
    • Here, they even eat the pages from the green book, which causes Oggy to destroy it and make it become flatten.
    • The fat woman hugging Oggy while she is dancing.
    • Joey beating up Dee Dee and Marky for teasing after the former cries (offscreen);
    • The fat woman kisses Oggy (offscreen) at the end of the episode.
  5. There is a gross-out moment where Oggy enters the wrong room, which is supposed to be a sewer room.
  6. The fat woman is an unlikeable character as she tortures Oggy by kissing and hugging him.
  7. Although Joey dating a woman (who is a human) is decent, it is considered zoophilia
  8. At some point near the beginning, although it counts as an attempt to humor, an unneeded fourth wall break occurs in which said Lord Latouille presents Oggy to its guests as the protagonist of its own how much to the crowd's indifference.
  9. Terrible Ending: Joey is shown kissing a high heel of a woman that fell in love with and broke up with while he glares at Dee Dee and Marky for doing nothing but staring, while Oggy gets tortured by the fat woman by kissing him offscreen.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Oggy is a likable character in this episode.
    • Joey is also likable too as he dated a woman at the party.
  2. The opening scene (except the plot hole) is decent.
  3. Some of the jokes feel nice, one example of this is when the cockroaches attempt to scare Oggy inside of a taxidermied boar head.
  4. A heartwarming scene where Joey is dancing with the woman, along with a kiss, which is cut short due to the latter being late for leaving the party.



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