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Utsu Musume Sayuri

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Utsu Musume Sayuri
“Mamma f*cker!” – SMG4 Mario
Genre: "Comedy"
Running Time: 3 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2003
Created by: Takashi Kimura

Utsu Musume Sayuri (or simply Sayuri or The Striking Daughter: Sayuri ) is a CGI English-language anime short released in 2003 and is the pilot of what was supposed to be a fully animated CGI anime, but due to poor reception, any possibility of a full series has been canceled. This short was later included as a segment of a anthology film, Polar Circle Presents Unknown Creatures (2012). The short is very dark, so much so that, apart from the director, it is not even known who dubbed the characters and who wrote the alleged "plot" of the anime. To date it is considered as one of the worst anime ever made, so much so that it even entered the Guinness World Record as the ugliest anime ever!


It's the big day for Sayuri, a curious girl that is attached to the face of her husband Hiroshi, and with her parents' company, she will have to unleash her huge whip on the bottom of a poor creature, to complete his weird ceremony.

Why It's (Intentionally?) Inappropriate

  1. To pull the elephant out of the room, this anime has one of the most horrendous CGI animations in the history of animated shows in general and is easily compared to the Pakistani McDonalds ads. The CGI animation itself is indescribable, at best we can say that the art style is an eyesore and the palette is simply a vomit of faded but at the same time too bright colors, which could give you convulsions.
    • It may be that the creators had taken inspiration from the works of Salvador Dali or Hieronymus Bosch, but this does not justify that the artistic style is horrible, because unlike the latter, the works of these artists have a charm.
  2. The 99% of this anime painfully makes no sense.
    • The short has tons of stupid elements that come out of nowhere and don't affect the plot.
    • By the way, the plot don't have sense and it has no reason to exist.
  3. Horrific and creepy character designs, reminiscent of the monsters of the 90's point and click 3D psychological games. Sayuri is literally stuck on her husband Hiroshi's face, and her head resembles a hybrid between a gas pump and a monkfish. The father is all red and has a strange and disturbing long bump on his mouth, which is all colored. Another noteworthy example is the strange naked creature with its mouth above its square head with two huge tears dangling from his big eyes.
  4. Painful humor and that for nothing in the world makes you laugh.
  5. The short has a fair amount of unintentionally scary elements:
    • The presentation of the characters is rather macabre.
    • The dad whispers to Sayuri what is about to happen.
    • Shortly after the previous scene, Mom goes crazy and teleports all over Sayuri, even in her biggest eye, which goes black and Mom's head pops out in a way that will give you nightmares.
    • Several close-ups of the disgusting face of the creature being abused by Sayuri.
  6. Too many sexual innuendo:
    • The infamous opening scene where Sayuri's "whip" moves in a way that resembles erections.
      • Remember, Sayuri is female, so this scene doesn't make sense.
    • Mum sucks Sayuri's dad's long bump (which also resembles a penis), which implies that he is giving a mouthpiece.
    • The sacrifice creature design has a bare bottom in plain sight, with many hands pointing and even touching it!
    • Perhaps the most infamous scene is the one in which Sayuri's whip repeatedly spanks the latter's backside, which is also reminiscent of anal sex.
  7. The presentation of the characters at the beginning of the short, besides being disturbing (as mentioned above), is also very cheap and poorly done.
  8. No character development. Plus the characters themselves have a personality on the same degree as a puddle of expired milk.
    • Sayuri herself is very sadistic and unpleasant from what you see, because she doesn't spare the creature, nor think twice before doing it.
  9. Terrible sound design.
  10. The narrator mistakes the English very often.
  11. Finally, watching the entire short gives the same feeling of being in a blood eagle.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The quality of short is so bad and zany that this maybe considered to be intentional. As such, it is fun to watch (if you can handle the character designs and sexual innuendo anyway).
  2. Three of the extra characters are a child playing a flute, a balloon head and a cow, both of which have a decent design when compared to the other characters.
  3. Solid voice acting.
  4. The scene where Sayuri whips the naked creature, while noteworthy, is a bit funny.
  5. Character designs are creative but require more work.


Sayuri has been universally panned from critics and audiences alike, with critics criticizing everything including the animation, character designs, soundtrack, zany storyline, non-existent humor, and innuendo. On IMDb, the anime has a rating of 3.4 out of 10 (based by 81 recensions) and on My Anime List, it has a rating of 1.97 out of 10, making it one of the lowest-rated pilots on that site. Many view this short as one of the worst, if not the worst anime of all time, comparing it to other similar CGI animes like Ex-arm.



The original video with French Subtitles, but be careful! Watching this content could harm your sanity!



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