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Adding Lilybuds To Terrible TV Shows Wiki

584yass (talkcontribs)

There animation is slow like robots and thorn acts like Calliou add it please

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

Have not heard of the show

584yass (talkcontribs)

I have heard that there are humanoid lilybuds in the garden the country of ofigin is France United Kingdom and United States and there are animals and bugs

584yass (talkcontribs)

It got mixed negative reviews on imbd and google

About Dance in the Vampire Bund

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

You guys think i should add it since IT IS softcore anime CP and i heard it was really bad

so about the mr enter review on turning red

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

did you thought his statement was uncalled for or what?

Why i want the tokusatsu pages banned from this wiki and best tv shows wiki

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

Here are many reason why i want them to banned 1.Every good tokusatsu show has to be end up in the terrible tv show wiki and either they make biased opinions on it and not actual criticisms 2.As Mentioned before these are biased opinions and not actual criticism with them adding things that aren't flaws in the tokusatsu show. 3.Generic pointers like "Some fans may enjoy it", "It aired alongside" which does not explain the quality of the tokusatsu show

and last but not least 4.Edit war as people undo everytime and remove them every damn time and just people causing edit wars in those pages

so you guys think they should be ban?

Luminence (talkcontribs)


Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

thats fine it's just my silly old opinion

BaldiBasicsFan (talkcontribs)

I don't think they should be banned. No matter what genre it is, any show that is hated more than liked is allowed. Remember when niece audience shows were banned from this wiki one time?

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)


MrSolarSun (talkcontribs)

Maybe we can try to fix the pages instead.

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

Thats really a good idea

Is it ok if i added Apocolypse Zero on this wiki

Animefanboy34 (talkcontribs)

Because it really wasn't really well recived by anime fans and the anime is notorius for it's shock value violence and excessive fan-service and nudity

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

I haven't watched, but if it's everything you make it out to be, then yeah, go ahead and add it here.

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