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User blog:LoudHouseFan777/No Such Luck (The Loud House) VS SM64: Mario Joins the Circus (SMG4)

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Hey guys! I'm doing a comparison of bad episodes/videos of 2 of my favorite things: The Loud House, and SMG4.

TLH had a bad episode considered by many fans, which is No Such Luck, and SMG4 made a video which is considered the worst video he ever made, which is Mario Joins the Circus. Why these episodes/videos? They both talk about cruelty to a main character. Also, I'm reviewing them with Atrocity Cards by MrEnter. Let's do a comparison of which one is worse. Warning! This is my opinion! It's ok if you disagree but please respect my opinion.

No Such Luck:

Cringe Inducing Audio - 2/10

Cringe Inducing Visuals - 5/10

Lackluster Writing - 8/10

Annoyance - 8/10

Disturbing Content - 6/10

Unncessary Cruelty - 8/10

Rancid Morals - 8/10

Low Production Values - 6/10

Unfortunate Impliaction - 6/10

Character Derailment - 7/10

Final Score: 47/100

Other Notes:

This episode was horrible, But TBH, I find Brawl in the Family Worse.

Mario Joins the Circus: 

Cringe Inducing Audio - 4/10

Cringe Inducing Visuals - 7/10

Lackluster Writing - 9/10

Annoyance - 7/10

Disturbing Content - 6/10

Unncessary Cruelty - 10/10

Rancid Morals - 7/10

Low Production Values - 7/10

Unfortunate Impliaction - 7/10

Character Derailment - 6/10

Final Score: 31/100

Other Notes

Probably the worst SMG4 ever made. It's very mean spirited.

Final Results: 

Which one was worse?

Worse: Mario Joins the Circus

I know, I know. You can disagree with me if you like. And if you're an Admin reading this, you can delete this blog if you want. Any ways, this is LoudHouseFan777 saying "that's all, folks!" and I'll see you next time!

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