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The Anime Community is widely seen as the toxic, opinionated, stuck-up, obsessive, overly-sensitive, whiny, conceited, petty, obnoxious and downright horrendous community of all time, even more so than the cartoon and meme communities combined.

Examples of anime that killed this community

If anybody asks: no, no one said these anime were bad, in fact, most of them are incredibly awesome, but they have the most toxic fandoms/hatedoms.

Bad qualities

  1. This community is incredibly petty and insensitive. If you so much as mispronounce any Japanese word by even one syllable, refer to an anime as a cartoon, or criticize their favorite anime in the slightest form, they will harass you.
  2. Weeaboos. Enough said.
  3. For the love of God, do NOT use international titles for anime. At least one person will "correct" you and insist you use the Japanese title.
  4. They're so easily offended that it's pathetic. They fail to realize that acting like this will cause people to bully them even more, which will consequently make anime fans even more sensitive and it creates an endless cycle of ignorance and rude behavior.
  5. The elitists. They think they're above all other members because they watch better anime or they watch it in Japanese instead of foreign-language dubs. They even insist that their opinions are facts, such as the quality of an anime.
  6. Most members are hipsters who think they're special because they don't watch mainstream anime and only watch obscure titles. Contrary to their belief, they aren't.
  7. The dub vs. sub debate.
  8. They give anime a really bad reputation that it does not deserve. Because of this anime has the same reputation as the Sonic series.
  9. They don't keep their embarrassing personal stuff to themselves and spread it in public, such as having dakimakura (anime body pillows) and try doing sexual stuff with it for everyone to see. To make this situation worse is that most of the characters are underage, thus making them borderline pedophiles.
  10. They caused The Anime Hatedom to grow largely and now too much of the irrational anime haters are trying to ban anime.
  11. Most of the elitists who watch anime with little to no fanservice attack people who watch school, Moe, Ecchi, Battle, Shonen, and Hentai (its okay to like them as long if you're not doing anything bad).
  12. The anime community on twitter.
  13. Like the Cartoon Network Hatedom, they only watch anime on anime piracy sites, and not on legal streaming services such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and more. They claim it's because of the small selection of anime on those sites, but there's a reason why certain shows and movies don't see the light of day outside of Japan. What they don't realize is that if they continue to pirate anime, studios won't be able to produce any more anime.
  14. BEST GIRL debate, Some anime fans seemingly like their favourate female anime characters which refers them as Waifus!
  15. They'll say you have a poor taste if you watch some anime that they don't like.