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User blog:Jeff35155/Why i am going to go see Teen Titans GO! To the Movies this July

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I admit that i have a dislike towards Teen Titans GO! because there have been tons of episodes that i hated so much that overflowed with so much negative qualities that just made me so questioned how this show is actually a spin-off of the original Teen Titans. All of the episodes on this wiki are the ones that i hate so much because of its huge amount of negative qualities that make me even more intensely angry and sad than i was after i saw the Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW 2018 live on YouTube.

But there have been episodes throughout the series that i found actually pretty enjoyable. Some had some good plots, some good humor, and some decent topics. But i still don't really care for the show that much.

And then i saw the trailer for the upcoming movie, and it didn't look too bad. Don't get me wrong, there are a few bad moments in the trailers notably the fart scene, but the humor presented in the latest trailer seems a bit funny and clever, and i do give credit the way Slade is portrayed. Don't get me wrong, the original Slade from the original Teen Titans is lightyears away better than this Slade, but the thing is about Teen Titans GO is that it seems to be one of those cartoons where they focus on humor a little bit more than the action or heroic factors like Kim Possible does at times, and even though there have been tons of misses with that factor the show lives by, it's not really a bad idea that they follow that factor instead of following the huge super hero factor that most of the other DC shows follow. But then again, changing the genre and content when doing a reboot of a cartoon that is critically praised isn't a very smart idea.

And everything that has been shown in this trailer seems passable enough for something that i would be willing to give it a try with. And if this movie manages to be entertaining, funny, a bit clever, and it has a good and inspiring moral at the end, then i won't consider it a terrible movie.

So, i will give this movie a shot. If it's terrible, then i find it terrible and i won't judge those who loved it.