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about me

  • I identify as queer (pan and gender fluid essentially)
  • I make music under the name carcrasher
  • My I.Q. is 155.
  • I am nurodivergent(adhd)
  • I am Latinx(dont you dare go to my comment page and say thats a slur cuz it isn't)

my stupid crappy opinions no one even cares to care about

Theme Love Likes Neutral/Doesn’t care Dislikes Hate
TV Shows The Simpsons(fav show atm)Gumball!

regular show rooster teeth(except nomad pf nowhere but I love camp camp) spongebob

Craig of the creek(deltron3030 references are the best part of the show lmao)

the owl house space ghost:coast to coast shows im not allowed o watch but I want to(ex.aqua teen hunger force, the boondocks South Park etc.)

any show I didnt mention pretty much any niche audience show(some exceptions like odd squad or something) the demons from the depths of the multiverse thats names people even wince to udder

are..... PEPPA PIG and.... COCOMELON

Musicians/bands watskykanye

the beatles odd future(ex.tyler the creator who's the best one and earl sweatshirt)

run the jewels

xxxtentacion my music(you can see in the link section) jpegmafia twenty one pilots Mac Miller

most meme rap(some might nearly squeeze into the good section like basedgod lil mosquito disease and yung lambo) idk submarine manTaylor swift(shes the worst musician possibly ever and while her last 2 albums were ok I guess shes everything wrong with the music industry)

kids bop(same as Taylor swift)

Music Genres hip hop/rap

rock rap rock(its a real genre look it up) edm



psychedelia hipster hop(real genre) RnB


pop(I dont like 75% of it but some people I like like twenty one pilots who are arguably the best pop artists, fun.,and yungblud.)

blues ig Reggaeton
Songs and albums

my beatuful dark twisted fantasy by kanye (I dont care what you say this is the greatest album of all time and I listen to it practically every day and never get tired even if I tried.)

apetite for destruction by guns and roses (my 2nd favorite album) TPAB by kendrick lamar (my 3rd fav album its real deep) x infinity by watsky(my 4th fav album) cherry bomb and wolf by Tyler the creator(these album go head to head on which cn be the better album also ya I like cherry bomb fight me) anythinghere(my favs are bohemian rhapsody and handlebars)</nowiki>


madvillany by madvillan

endtroducing by dj shadow ? by xxx atrocity exhibition by Danny brown


hmmmm. ts.89 and lover(the latter is my least fav album ever)
Video games gtaV(I cant play it but it looks cool)

undertale streets of rouge call of duty I guess far cry Mario 64

I mean I dont play very many video games but destiny I guess E


hmmmm shovel ware
Multimedia Franchises Cartoon Network/adult swim Joe mama idk idk Jake Paul
Ships lonnie lanne


lumity(lumiters better) idk idk Jake Paul
Youtubers and Online people memeulous

smg4 carcrashertv

collage humor who hmmm Jake paul

ryans world

(don't take this too personal)
fullnterturn(more active on the music wikis)

cocopuppy(I have a small crush on her lmao)


the dunkman

king dice(I made a bad first impression and now I dont think she likes me but she is a pretty cool person.)

fatburn000(he means well and I friended him but he needs clear guidance on his issues)

raadiar(hes pretty cool but can take his job a bit to seriously even if hes defending me)

any trolls(they can be somewhat funny) I dont hate anyone here
Qualitipedia related besttvshows and the real music wikis

blog articles

terrible tv shows

Character Wikis

hmmmmm trolls fake qualitipedia Music Wikis

Food/Drinks/Desserts pad thai(my fav food)

bao most Asian food(like above) soda water(I need to survive)

water(I need to survive)

carne gi asada(best mexican food)

corn(its great)

pizza(dont kill me for this either it makes my stomach hurt even though im not lactose intolerant and Ill only eat it if I scrape of the sauce) hmmmm squash
Other Stuff music(my fav thing ever)

outdoors cartoons

tomboys(no offense but girly girls can get annoying)

Austin city limits airloft guns video games

Furries (tiger blazer and Chocopuppy are good tho)


tickle torture(ive been put through that crap and its not fun)

Q&A(sign with 4 tiddles

singlestuforeo why are you so cute?Singlestuforeo (talk) 17:30, 16 June 2022 (UTC)
Well I just am hehe.Singlestuforeo (talk) 17:30, 16 June 2022 (UTC)


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