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WARNING: The following content will contain Screamers and very loud screams, discretion is recommended to the user.
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In April of 2005, German caffeine company K-fee released nine 20-second long television commercials as part of their Wide Awake campaign for their coffee drink.

Why They Sucked

  1. The commercials are infamous for jumpscaring unsuspecting viewers just to promote an energy drink. This is like someone slapping someone in the face just to get a point across.
  2. The designs are unimaginably scary and ugly, especially the zombie, which is too scary for a coffee ad.
  3. Plot hole: When the zombie and the gargoyle make very loud screams, but how does the person in the ad not get scared by the zombie or the gargoyle?
  4. Seeing these ads, it comes out that there is a beautiful setting (especially the infamous roadside ad) and relaxing music, but all of a sudden, a jumpscare comes out with an ugly and scary design, which is really fake.
    • Speaking of Jumpscares, the idea of ​​making an ad for a cafe with relaxing music and then you get a jumpscare with a very loud scream, it is absolutely terrible, since it may that people and viewers can give a heart attack if you are sensitive.
  5. Unfortunately, they made a radio version, it's just that the screaming has NOT gotten any better, which is pretty lazy and mediocre.
  6. In ALL the commercials, The jumpscares (Zombie and gargoyle only) are really repetitive and creepy.
  7. No production value.
  8. Not only is it scary, but it's also incredibly ugly and grotesque, and also nightmare fuel.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Wasted potential: As I said before, making commercials for a coffee can and relaxing music with a jumpscare was awesome but unfortunately it didn't really work, which left many people and viewers traumatized and scared.
    • Speaking of trauma, while these commercials were incredibly scary and misleading environment, these commercials made coffee cans (including the company) they were a commercial success in Germany.
  2. The K-Fee Lite ads are not so bad, they already show a guy (in the road version), a big Teddy Bear (in the beach version) and finally, something that I don't know what it is (in the Golf version, Fortunately, the ears can be shown below), which makes fun of the Jumpscares and is 3 beautiful and fun ads, and they are the only 3 ads.
  3. The voice of the narrator who interpret the coffee can after the jumpscare ends is impressive.
  4. There is a version of the infamous highway ad where it at least shows you warning before you see it, See yourself (Don't see the ad, just see the warning).


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