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MariaJúlia1718/sandbox/Cidade Alerta (2017-present)
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This program is an example of not making a sensationalist journalistic program on Brazilian TV, especially if it exceeds the limits of cases too far just to attract ratings and without the essence that the late Marcelo Rezende brought to the program.
Genre: Journalistic program
Running Time: 180 minutes (daily)
Variable (Saturdays)
Country: Brazil
Release Date: May 5, 2017 - present
Network(s): RecordTV
Starring: Luiz Bacci (2017-present)
Percival de Souza
Comandante Hamilton
Celso Russomanno
Jorge Wilson

Cidade Alerta is a Brazilian journalistic program of the police sensationalism genre of RecordTV. The program is famous for helping to solve many enigmatic cases of deaths and disappearances.

However, the program lost its quality that did not reach the extreme limits of sensationalism since 2017, when Marcelo Rezende was replaced by Luiz Bacci, to undergo treatment against pancreatic cancer, but unfortunately Marcelo passed away on September 16, 2017 and since then, Bacci has definitely taken over the program.

Why It Sucks Now

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the big limits of sensationalism what the program currently does, some cases like the Bel para Meninas channel case are well handled, although Bel's case unfortunately had to stop to be mentioned on the program, possibly to avoid being sued by her mother.
  2. Some segments like Patrulha do Consumidor and Xerife do Consumidor are still good and being the only good things of the program currently, for showing the cases of consumers who had problems with companies.


The program currently receives negative reception from the program's viewers, due to the limits of sensationalism of the cases shown in the program to attract ratings in the Luiz Bacci era. The whistleblower to the program was in February 2020, for revealing, live and during an interview between the lawyer of the accused of a crime with the mother of a young woman who had disappeared until then, that the man had confessed to the murder of the young woman moments before and had even indicated the place where he had placed the body. The victim's mother, who had agreed to participate in the press conference, despaired and threw herself on the floor in tears, the transmission being live from the woman's mother's house cut off immediately. RecordTV, the presenter and the program were harshly criticized by the network's viewers and journalists for the sensationalist posture they dealt with in the program.


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