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Grounded Videos

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Ohohohohohohohohoh! How dare you (insert bad thing)! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 681 trigintillion years! You are also forced to wear diapers and watch baby shows! Go to your room now!

Grounded videos are a genre of videos that were created by Adamkleinschmidt2003 on July 2, 2011. These videos mainly focus on a character doing something bad before being grounded by their parents, guardians, or even friends. These videos have been the subject of mockery by many people for their repetitive, cheesy, and nonsensical nature, sometimes being considered "so bad, it's funny". In 2019, they have been reimagined as "Punished videos" by Jacob Torres (also known as EllaFTW SugarFTL or Jacob the Little Witch Academia Bro)

Why They Suck

  1. The main problem is that most of them revolve around the same children's show characters such as Caillou, Elmo, Dora The Explorer, Little Bill, Barney The Dinosaur, Peppa Pig, etc. being punished, and original characters are seldom used. Almost ALL of them get flanderized into nothing but loathsome type characters.
    • It is said that the reason they do this is to express their undying (and blind) hatred for the characters, as well as their shows.
  2. They are oftentimes extremely unrealistic and very mean-spirited. There are also grounded videos out of real-life people and even adults like Alvin Hung, Donald Trump, etc., even though they are too old to even get grounded.
  3. These videos are formulaic, repetitive, and predictable. Most grounded videos go something like this: A character (usually one the uploader hates) openly declares they are going to do something considered bad, they do the said bad thing, and the parents show up and ground them, often for an impossibly long time, with the character running to their room crying.
    • If the video takes place in school, the character gets called out by the teacher for causing trouble in class. So the teacher sends them to the principal's office and then the principal unfairly punishes the troublemaker then sends the character home to get grounded by their parents.
    • If they were doing something bad in somewhere else when a parent is not here except school, the other characters call their parents. But How did they know their parents' phone number?!
  4. The creators of these videos tend to constantly recycle formats of grounded videos and usually make little to no changes save for having different characters. Just some examples of constantly recycled grounded video formats include "X Calls Y by Their First Name/Grounded", "X Misbehaves at (public location)/Grounded", "X Draws a Big Fat Meanie/Grounded", you name it.
  5. Some are done on other YouTube or Vyond users, which is considered cyberbullying.
  6. These videos are mostly made by little kids, pre-teens, and immature teenagers. Some are even made by adults (manchildren) as well.
  7. These videos tend to overlap with behavior card videos, which also have people getting grounded at the end.
  8. The reasons for getting grounded in these videos can be quite trivial and most of them aren't even a big deal. Some reasons include calling someone by their full name, farting in class, chewing bubblegum, bringing an NC-17 rated movie to school, failing a pop quiz, getting a math problem wrong, not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, eating all of the cake on someone's (a user that the creator likes) birthday, calling someone's voice ugly, calling their newborn siblings stupid or ugly, etc. Some characters also get grounded for making fake VHS openings, or even doing good things (e.g. selling food or owning a lemonade stand), rapping orders at a restaurant, crying in the hospital after they were born, or even for no reason at all.
  9. Some grounded videos can have racially insensitive content, This is mostly shown in Caillou Says the N-word and gets grounded, in which Caillou says the N-word, uncensored.
    • Adding on to the racist content, a character known as Boris the Teeth Guy, a version of Caillou's dad uses all sorts of swear words and racial and homophobic slurs. Including one video were he sings "The N***** Song" in order to get a student to go to the principal's office after Boris expelled him.
    • Sometimes, they can use anti-Semitic or homophobic slurs, including common use of the words "kike" and "tranny".
  10. Whenever the parents, guardians, etc. are about to ground the troublemaker, they usually (though not always) say "Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh" out of anger which can get pretty annoying to hear.
    • Not only that but they repeat the word "grounded" several times, and for a ridiculous amount of years.
    • Punished videos on the other hand, don't repeat or mention the word "grounded", and they never mentioned the amount of years.
  11. The parents in these videos, as well as the teachers, can be very mean-spirited. They will regularly be condescending towards, humiliate, beat up, or even murder their children.
    • Speaking of mean-spirited, the characters can sometimes get executed for something that is not even remotely illegal. The parents will even celebrate the death of their children, which can make these videos have a sadistic feel to them.
  12. Many of the characters in grounded videos are often one-dimensional.
  13. Sometimes, characters get sent off to foreign countries (usually European) as punishment without food, money, or their parents.
    • When said character escapes from that country, they are grounded by other people and other Vyond users even though those people had nothing to do with the video.
  14. Sometimes the troublemaker will be grounded by his/her younger sibling, even though they're not supposed to ground him/her.
  15. They use a lot of copyrighted characters even though they can just make their own in the options on where they can make a character sometimes.
  16. Some grounded videos have disturbing content. One grounded video depicts Dora putting rat poison in the school lunch!
  17. Many grounded videos make you people think "In this world, it's ground or be grounded".
  18. Assaulted videos are the worst types out of all of these videos because the parents kill their kids as a punishment, yet don't even get arrested, making them Karma Houdinis.
  19. Every time a child misbehaves at school they get held back a grade, or in this case, they are moved back from, say, 12th grade to 11th grade and often times, getting held all the way back to Preschool. Which is not even the definition of "getting held back". To be held back would mean that you would have to repeat the same grade again the next year, not get sent back a grade that same year.
  20. The text-to-speech voices that are used for the characters are often inaccurate and cheesy. For example, Dora usually sounds like a teenager despite being 7 years old with the Kayla or Julie voice, Caillou sounds like a young girl instead of a 4 year old boy with the Ivy voice (and grown man in some videos utilizing the David voice for Caillou), Rosie's TTS voice sometimes uses a voice that sounds like a grown woman despite Rosie being 2 years old, and Little Bill has a British accent.
  21. Some grounded videos lazily use stock images of characters rather than recreating the characters themselves.
  22. Some grounded videos are made with Google Slides but recorded with a phone, making the video quality look worse, the audio isn't any better either.
  23. Sometimes, the phrase “GoAnimate logic/Vyond logic “ will appear, and it’s an annoying joke that gets old fast, and is Most of the Time, lazy writing
  24. They caused ungrounded videos to exist, which surprisingly are no better than grounded videos since the only key difference to note is that the character in the video does good things instead of bad.
  25. Most Videos when a character litters stuff and runs away to get his/her parents in trouble. Then, They were caught and get sent to jail. In Real Life, They can't do that! The person would need to face trial first before going to prison, not just arrested and immediately thrown in jail.
  26. They promote child abuse and encourage murder, which are both illegal.
  27. There is a video called "Caillou Watches Rosie/Cummed", in which Caillou has sex with Rosie when both are under 18 and siblings. Near the end, Boris does the same thing to his son Caillou as a punishment.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some grounded videos are actually original, fun to watch, or are so bad, they're hilarious.
  2. The first grounded video by Adamkleinschmidt2003 was pretty decent.
  3. Although rare, some grounded videos can actually be more realistic. For instance, a character can get grounded for a few weeks for skipping school.
  4. Some grounded videos have original characters, although like reason #3, they are rare.
  5. They’re more memorable than ungrounded videos.
  6. Some videos are even self-aware that there bad.


Prior to 2015, these videos were met with praise from (mostly) Vyond/GoAnimate users. However, as years come by, they have mostly received negative reception from a majority of YouTubers, GoAnimators, and professional animators. They have been criticized for being formulaic, repetitive, predictable, unoriginal, lazy, mean spirited, etc.

How To Protect Yourself From Them

  1. Make a playlist for videos of kids' shows like the official Caillou from PBS Kids.
  2. Instead of using YouTube use the YT Kids app since grounded videos are blocked from YT Kids.
  3. Flag the punishment day and assaulted videos. YouTube will age restrict them.
  4. Leave the autoplay option off.
  5. Click the “Not Interested” button if any of these videos show up on a video that is not related to these cartoons.
  6. If these videos keep appearing on the related videos section, go to your watch history and remove the Grounded Videos from your history by hovering over the video and clicking on the X button.





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Punishment Day Videos

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This article may contain content unsuitable for readers under the age of eighteen.‎
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An example of a Punishment Day video.

Punishment Day Videos, also known as Assaulted Videos, are a genre of videos that involve the parent giving their child punishments. This genre of videos was created by Isaac Anderson Animations back in 2014.

Why They Suck

  1. Just like grounded videos, these types of videos mainly involve children's show characters like Caillou and Dora The Explorer receiving punishments from their parents.
  2. They are made by immature users.
  3. They can occur for reasons that aren't that big of a deal, like standing in the kitchen or calling someone by their full name.
  4. Some punishments are extreme, like feeding the victim hot sauce, cutting off their body parts, making them listen to loud music, and even killing them. You can get arrested for doing these things in real life, or even face execution.
  5. The child abuser gets away with his or her actions, making him or her a Karma Houdini.
  6. They encourage child abuse, and they have a lot of blood and violence in them.
  7. Some of these videos include deadly weapons.
  8. They overlap with grounded videos, where the victim usually gets grounded before or after they receive punishments.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mature users make Punishment Day videos where the child abuser gets arrested.

Dead Meat Videos

Why did this become a thing?

Behavior Card Day videos (although mostly known as Dead Meat videos) are types of Vyond videos created by Adamkleinschmidt2003 on October 17, 2011. They usually take place in a classroom, and a teacher names the colors of each card, and what their purposes are. A student (usually the uploader's least favorite character of all time) makes fun of the teacher and gets in dead meat. The worst cards are usually either red or black.

Why They Suck

  1. The videos are biased based on how much the uploader likes or dislikes the character(s) in question. The uploader's favourite characters usually get good cards, while it is the opposite for their hated characters. The characters in dead meat are usually "preschool show" characters.
  2. They are very formulaic and predictable; the teacher names cards, only for a kid (usually the one who gets in "dead meat") to call it a "stupid sheet of paper;" time slot; the kid that made fun of the teacher gets the worst card, usually red or black; they get "expelled forever"; their parents ground them.
  3. Some Behavior Card Videos last more than thirty minutes. But to hit the mark, other characters (sometimes other Vyond users), punishment times, and card colors are "inserted as filler".
  4. Sometimes, characters get ridiculous punishments, such as "detention forever" and "suspended for (random number of days). This is unfair because characters still have to learn things.
  5. On the other hand, recipients of the good cards either "graduate forever" or get a ridiculous amount of time off school. This is not normal, because the recipients still need to be educated and it also shows that the users who make these videos have no idea how a school system works.
  6. The person with the last card sometimes gets executed by the electric chair, which is not only unfair but also unnecessary. There was also one dead meat video that depicted a character going to Hell. Which is really offensive to Christians.
  7. These videos are overused within the Vyond community.
  8. The characters who are expelled get grounded for punishments that are shorter than the expulsion.
  9. These videos tend to overlap with grounded videos because the character usually gets grounded after getting a bad card.
  10. There is either an introduction as to what each card does or a video explaining what they do. These introductions are usually very long since the teacher is naming almost every card after every color.
  11. There are variations about races, but these are almost exactly the same.
  12. These videos often use stock images and/or copyrighted characters instead of Vyond's default avatars.
  13. Many of these videos are user videos and have users the uploader dislikes put as the recipient of the last card.
  14. Many of these videos have ear rape in them. Either the ear rape is a text-to-speech voice at max volume, or it's the uploader's voice.
  15. The characters are one-dimensional and lack any interaction with others other than the teacher.
  16. The recipient of the last card is not even told why they have the card.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some dead meat videos can actually be well-made.


Just like the other Vyond/GoAnimate videos, they have been met with praise back then. However, as years pass by, these videos have been negatively/positively



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