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Self-declared male ("he/him"), Brazilian, speaks English fluently and wants to learn Japanese (watching plenty of anime). Currently video game articles reader, otaku (mostly anime) and Miraheze receptionist.

Former member of the communities:

  • YouTube Poop;
  • MLG montage parodies;
  • Angry German Kid parodies;
  • Microsoft Sam reads;
  • Hitler (Downfall / Der Untergang) parodies;
  • OS (mainly Windows) media resources;
  • Sparta remix;
  • MUGEN;
  • TV idents and closing logos;
  • Fetish arts.

Software knowledge:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Image-Line FL Studio
  • MAGIX Vegas Pro
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Profile picture is Mihael "Mello" Keehl from Death Note.

How To Make "The Perfect" TV-Y7 Show

Yes, the quotes above on "The Perfect" shows sarcasm. These pointers below shows annoying tropes very common in nearly every TV show I watch on Disney Channel, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Gloob and other channels alike. Here they are:

  • Rough Draft/CalArts animation (although better than a cheap "Flash" animation).
  • USA flag everywhere.
  • Unfunny, juvenile, disgusting and/or even offensive "comedy".
  • Tons of product placement, specially from Apple products.
  • The atmosphere and characters are non-human, yet everything perfectly behaves like a normal daily human life. The worst offender is SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • The characters talk a lot and never shut up. The biggest problem here is that whatever they say is 90% nonsense, useless stuff and filler and 10% plot explanation.
  • The characters also never grow up. The worst offender is The Simpsons, which since 1989, literally no one changes their appearance and behavior. More noticeably with Bart, Lisa and Maggie.
  • Very random and inconsistent time measures. An episode can be 11, 22 or 44 minutes long, the time passed for them will always be different... often in an exaggerated way.
    • In Dragon Ball Z, for example, it is said that Namekusei will explode in "5 minutes", but it actually took 6 or 7 episodes (each episode of DBZ is 22 minutes long) to said thing happen.
  • Socioeconomical Stereotypes:
    • Girls are usually "beautiful, charming, fragile and respectful" and boys are usually "edgy, stinky, badasses and disrespectful".
    • Black people and latinos are usually "sub-urban rappers, monkeys, almost criminals and with broken spelling/grammar" and yellow people are usually "martial art masters, super smart, abnormal and with broken pronunciantion". As if white people in general were so normal.
    • Rich people are usually "swimming on diamonds, with perfect and convoluted spelling/grammar and pronunciation; super smart and isolated", and the poor people... have stereotypes identhical to black people and latinos said above.
  • National Stereotyping:
    • Being from the USA, they will usually say that other countries around the world "acts weirdly". This is mostly because of cultural and geographical differences (at a tolerable way), but they represent in a very ignorant, generalized and "comedic" way, it ends up being offensive.
    • Stereotyping of other American states. The worst victims are Alaska, Hawaii and Texas.
    • Canadians are often fans of hockey and tends to end any quote with "eh?". Oh, and not to mention the maple syrup everywhere.
    • Mexicans are often "banditos" and "masked luchadores". Or in an offensive way, "illegal immigrants making 'murica dangerous and miserable".
    • Don't even talk about Brazilians.
    • British people are often conservative to their own way of speaking and must have a spot of tea somewhere.
    • Irish people are often like Leprechaun or something identhical.
    • French people are often mimics (in clothing level) from the Eiffel Tower with frogs and snails. Or in an offensive way, "cowards and surrending monkeys".
    • Italians are often pizza chefs from Torre di Pisa saying "Figaro" and "ma che cazzo" for no reason.
    • Spanish people are often wearing "Toros y Flamenco" and somewhere must have an olé bullfighter.
    • Germans are often an Oktoberfest addict from the so called "Yodel Land".
    • Greeks and Egyptians are still in a BC age. Talk about mythology (Zeus and Sphynx, respectively) and pretend that people there still behave said era nowadays.
    • Japanese people are nothing but everything that happens on anime and manga (specially Shonen Jump and hentai).
    • Chinese people often can't pronounce correctly (specially the letter R), are Kung Fu masters and responsible for issues like air pollution and abysmal quality electronics.
  • The following types of characters, other than socioeconomical and national stereotypes:
    • The one with disgust to broccoli.
    • The one with allergy to peanuts.
    • The "nerd" that uses glasses and talks non-stop about complex stuff.
    • Leprechaun (or something identhical).
    • A trickmaster with the bunny in the hat, the coin inside someone's ear, the saw-in-half trick, etc.
    • A magic lamp with a genius inside that gives you three wishes.
    • A tooth fairy that changes your baby tooth under the pillow into a coin.
    • Some cheerleaders with pom-poms saying cliché stuff.
    • A ninja or a sumo brawler (if they have no context for the main plot).
  • Episodes are produced randomly and non-stop, making the show's plot very "quantity over quality" and issues like Continuity Errors and Plot Holes unavoidable.
  • The following types of episodes:
    • An episode in a wild west (cowboys) setting. "Yeehaw! Yahoo!".
    • An episode of pirates. With emphasis on the walking on the board and fall on the sharks.
    • An episode in a pre-historic (paleolitical) setting. With emphasis on dancing like an idiot and saying "Uga Uga!".
    • An episode in a jungle (tarzan) setting. With emphasis on smacking the chest and screaming "Ooooohhh!".
    • An episode in a beach or a pool.
    • An episode of a holiday (Christmas, Easter, Valentine, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year).
    • An episode of martial arts, specially Karate. They usually think that Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do are the same thing as Karate.
    • An episode of fatness/weight gain.
    • An episode of muscles and bodybuilding. With emphasis on a pectoral bouncing scene.
    • An episode that goes against the show's premise.
    • An episode that is mean-spirited and/or indirectly teaches terrible morals.
    • An episode that focuses on indirectly torturing one character.
  • The following scenes:
    • Someone smokes an explosive cigar.
    • A science fair with a volcano made of baking soda and vinegar.
    • A chemistry experience that results in an explosion.
    • Throwing a pie at someone's face.
    • Throwing a banana peel at the floor and someone steps and slips.
    • Some guy sees a hot chick and tries way too hard to attract her, ranging from muscle flexing to flerting.
    • When someone gets "effed" up really badly... "Are you okay? Yes, I'm okay!".

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