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#BreakingNews (DC Superhero Girls)

BreakingNews titlecard.jpg
See Lois Lane at her worst.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 41
Air Date: April 26, 2020
Writer: Colleen Evanson
Director: Phil Allora
Previous episode: Emperor Penguin
Next episode: Crash Course

Breaking News is the forty-first episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


Lois Lane tries to secure an internship at the Daily Planet but her assignment to unmask the Super Hero Girls forces them to get creative.

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode is very mean-spirited to the Superhero Girls as they forced to hide their secret identities from Lois Lane.
  2. It's the DC Superhero Girls version of the original PPG episode, Girls Gone Mild.
  3. Lois Lane is completely flanderized in this episode, even more so than in the original web series as she went from a hard-working reporter to an unlikable manipulating freak just like Stanley and Sandra Practice from Girls Gone Mild who would often follow other superheroes around even the Superhero Girls and planning to do it on Clark Kent though he's her boyfriend in the comics stopped them from fighting crimes around town, ruined their daily lives and even forced the girls to stay in either in class, the pier or Sweet Justice and watches them giving up on their hopes and dreams while letting the killer moths attack the city until someone else comes and fight them.
    • Because of her actions in this episode, she seems to be more of an antagonist rather than a hero as her behavior makes her such a pure arrogant freak that could gave some manipulators like Big Tex from Buddy Thunderstruck and Courtney from Total Drama a run of their money.
  4. Hal Jordan only appears in this episode just for him to be a bit of a hypocrite as he can't spell his surname "Jordan" correctly, yet he spells his surname correctly seconds later.
    • Barry was also only there just to make a continuity error involving the four-part episode, Sweet Justice, where he was seen talking to Lois Lane talking about the moment where he saw the girls when in Sweet Justice, he was actually getting Sweet Justice's lawyer before the girls changed into their superhero suits when the city robots showed up at the restaurant.
  5. In the first minute of the episode, she refuses to make a newspaper of the girls defeating killer moths by throwing the pictures in the bin which is ironic since she was the one who made newspapers of them in earlier episodes.
  6. Plot Hole: Why can't the girls just call and get the other heroes like The Invinci-Bros to defeat the killer moths for them when they're forced to stop fighting crime and using their powers by Lois Lane.
    • How can Jessica and Karen wear Diana's superhero outfit though she changed into that outfit when she turns into Wonder Woman?
  7. Nobody (not even the main girls) even punish or tell Mr. Chapin or their parents to call Lois out for her actions towards the girls to the point where she's also an Karma Houdini in this episode.
  8. Mr. Chapin, the principal of the school, for some reason doesn't appear in this episode at all which doesn't make any sense since Lois ruined the main girls' reputations as superheroes and Chapin could've given her a talk and possibly fire her as a news reporter for what she did to the Superhero Girls.
  9. Terrible writing which makes it feel like Colleen Evanson, the writer behind this episode hated the main girls.
  10. Unfunny humor to the point where it was actually mean-spirited like the "Wrong Notebook Ladies" scene which never even explains how she got two notebooks containing her writing.
  11. The scenes where Diana and Barbara eat with their mouths open and Kara picking her teeth with a toothpick is quite disgusting to look at.
  12. Unrealistic Illogic: Jessica thinks that they're going to be in so much trouble when their parents find out when in reality, some parents of the girls like Commander James Gordon, Giovanni Zatara, Jessica's Mothers and Kara's foster parents are property going to complain to Lois Lane for her actions towards the main heroes and that everyone in the city was in danger without them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending was decent as the girls are able to fight crime and Lois Lane delete the email and protect the girls' secret.
  2. The Superhero Girls are the most likable characters in the episode.
  3. This was Killer Moth's first appearance in the show.
  4. The animation is good as always much like the other Jam Filled animated episodes.