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Máximo Palacios, Zangler or simply Angler01 is a real-life-person-human-being, gamer and animation enthusiast that joined Qualitipedia by accident when looking for a Space Chickens in Space Wiki. [1]

Pages I Created/Worked On

Best Shows & Episodes Wiki


  • Clash-A-Rama! (Plan to Create)


Space Chickens in Space
  • Atori (Plan to Create)
  • Poor Dweezil (Plan to Create)
  • Players Gotta Play (Plan to Create)
  • Pale Blue Rock (Plan to Create)
  • Bad Bad Bad (Plan to Create)

Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki


  • Camp Lakebottom (Plan to Create)


Space Chickens in Space
Monsters at Work

Awesome Games Wiki

  • The Desolate Hope (Plan to Create)
  • Super Animal Royale (Plan to Create)
  • Google's Snake (Plan to Create)

Crappy Games Wiki

  • Battlelands Royale (Plan to Create)

Incredible Characters Wiki

  • The Knight/Little Ghost (Hollow Knight) (Plan to Create)

Loathsome Characters Wiki

  • Chuck (Space Chickens in Space) (Plan to Create)
  • Zote the Mighty (Hollow Knight) (Plan to Create)

Stuff About Me That You Probably Don't Really Care About

Like Neutral Dislike Despise
Cartoons The Amazing World of Gumball
Space Chickens in Space
Adventure Time
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Wander Over Yonder
Elliott from Earth
Steven Universe
Invader Zim
Camp Lazlo
The Ren & Stimpy Show
Harvey Beaks
Uncle Grandpa
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
Pig Goat Banana Cricket
Pickle and Peanut (So Bad It's Good)
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Big Hero 6: The Series
Teen Titans GO!
Kid vs. Kat (Seriously it should have never existed)
Scaredy Squirrel
Camp Lakebottom
The Powerpuff Girls (2016)
Videogames Hollow Knight
Half-Life 2
Club Penguin
Team Fortress 2
Portal 2
The Desolate Hope
Super Animal Royale
Brawl Stars
Friday Night Funkin'
Club Penguin Island
Among Us
Pokémon games
Minecraft clones Crappy mobile games
Mobile game ads
Movies Wall·E
Aardman Animations
The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)
The Hobbit (trilogy)
How To Train Your Dragon
Shrek 2
101 Dalmatians (1961)
Sony Pictures Animation
Spy Kids 3-D (So Bad It's Good)
Food Fight! (So Bad It's Good)
Cars 2
Ice Age: Collision Course
Songs & Music Genres The entirety of the Hollow Knight & Machinarium soundtracks
Video game soundtracks
Cosmic Love (TwinTrash)
Mr. Trance
Dancin' (Aaron Smith, KRONO Remix)
El Rap de Maincra
Anime openings Vocaloid Baby Shark
Obsessed (Mariah Carey)
Fictional Characters All Hollow Knight characters
Gumball Watterson
Penny Fitzgerald
Julius Oppenheimmer Jr.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Shaun the Sheep
Crazy Dave
How can you feel neutral over a fictional character? Any type of Karma-Houdini All Kid vs. Kat characters (no exceptions)
Food Pizza
Ice Cream
Chips Lettuce
Drinks Lemonade Water
Orange juice
Strawberry & Pineapple milkshake
Coke Water after drinking water Coke & Sprite mix
Youtubers/Online people,
Celebrities, Artists
Scott Cawthon
Christopher Larkin
Tomáš "Floex" Dvořák
Chris Reccardi
Tommy & Markus Vad Flaaten
Keanu Reeves
Alan Becker
La Zona Cero
Sr Pelo
Mark Mothersbaugh
Shitposters Bad Bunny
Billie Eilish
Animal abusers
John Kricfalusi
Other Dogs
Stop Motion Animation
Indie videogames Gross-out humor Clichés Latin America
Users Anyone who can take criticism Ecru
Tickle Bear
Inka Dinka Doo Vandals

Why He and His Pages Suck

  1. He sucks.
  2. He created a page for himself in Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki at 2am just to roast himself and mock him off all the mistakes he ever makes.
  3. He copy-pasted the code from the profile pages of admins of Qualitipedia in order to make his page in less time, because he is a lazy and disrespectful bean bag.
  4. He hates KID VS. KAT, the cartoon of my childhood.
  5. He likes SPACE CHICKENS IN SPACE, a cartoon that didn't build my childhood which makes it bad.
  6. His pages are poorly written.
  7. His pages always have generic pointers.
  8. He praises Hollow Knight as the best indie game of all time and refuses to accept the fact that it has flaws like any other game.
  9. He also praises Space Chickens in Space as one of the best Disney cartoons of modern times and refuses to aknowledge its flaws. Any attempt of him trying to do that will result in his fanaticism towards that show grow even more.
  10. He always adds unneccesary spaces and bytes to the code of the pages he edits or creates.
  11. He thinks Pickle and Peanut is a cartoon that's "So Bad It's Good" when in reality it is simply the worst animated show ever made by Disney.
  12. He is a procrastinator, as he prefers to play Friday Night Funkin' or watch YouTube instead of doing his homework.
    • Likewise, he also does that to avoid his own personal projects.
  13. Another notable example of this is how he started working on the Space Chickens in Space Wiki in December 2020, but he hasn't made any significant progress to this day.
  14. What's even more aggravating and worsening is the fact that he pays more attention to Qualitipedia rather than the previously mentioned responsibilities and tasks.
  15. He has an unhealthy obsession with the fictional characters Ommm, The Knight, Narcibelle and Penny Fitzgerald. They are fictional characters!
  16. Rubbing salt into the wound, he is a huge simp for the aforementioned characters.
  17. Let it be known that he also has a weird crush on Selene from The Owl House, and she's just a background character with no importance whatsoever. Seriously?
  18. In every single one of his pages he uses the adverbs "extremely", "especially", "immensely", "incredibly", etc., and it gets old very quickly.
  19. He makes pointless categories.
  20. He grew up watching terrible tv shows like Fanboy & Chum Chum, Fish Hooks and the notorious Kid vs. Kat (an underappreciated masterpiece that built my childhood).
  21. Hypocrisy: He says he hates Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja (another cartoon of my beloved perfect childhood that is better than yours) yet he still edits the show's page in Best Shows & Episodes Wiki and doesn't bother to mark it as candidate for deletion.
  22. He dislikes anyone who thinks Space Chickens in Space is a bad show (SPOILER ALERT: it IS a bad show because I didn't watch it when I was a child). This just proves how immature, intolerant and dumb he can be.
  23. He likes Camp Lazlo, the inferior and unworthy successor of Rocko's Modern Life.
  24. He laughs at gross-out jokes in kids' shows. Isn't grossing you out their only purpose?!?!!??!1!!??!!1
  25. He thinks he has depression when he's just sad at times.
  26. He likes Uncle Grandpa, the worst Cartoon Network show.
  27. He hates Doliv the best animation oriented channel on YouTube who obviously never misinforms and would never criticize products he didn't consume before.
  28. His gaming skills are nonexistent, he can't even beat Minesweeper in easy mode.
  29. When he wants to accomplish something, he never gives up until he gets what he wants (unless his chances of victory are very low).
  30. He thinks that the chickens' designs from Space Chickens in Space are CUTE! Why would you say that when they clearly copied the ducks' designs from Breadwinners?!!1!??1!?!
  31. Back when he was younger, he had anger management issues and used to rage because of anything, resulting in him breaking his first phone.
  32. He watches cartoons in KimCartoon and KissCartoon, which means he supports piracy.
  33. He doesn't want others to help him when he's working alone, in reality he could complete his tasks faster and easier by letting others help him.
  34. He thinks that Cosmic Love (the end credits song of Space Chickens in Space) is the best cartoon end credits song when there are even better ones.
  35. He ate my cookies when I wasn't watching.
  36. More hypocrisy: He claims to hate Reggaeton and Trap, yet he listens to J. Balvin's 'Agua' from Sponge on the Run every now and then.
  37. His drawing skills are awful and he doesn't show any type of interest in getting better at drawing. This is notable when he practises in a white piece of paper but just draws sketches of Ommm and Narcibelle.
  38. He likes to order the categories of pages in alphabetical order for apparently no reason, because there's no big issue with having them unorganized.
  39. He is a GOD at Brawl Stars tilting.
  40. He watched an entire episode of The Problem Solverz without suffering a headache or eye strain, which contradicts real life logic.
  41. He doesn't like my intellectually superior 'Cartoons before vs Cartoons now' memes and he doesn't accept the fact that I grew up watching better cartoons than him.
  42. He likes Big City Greens, Disney's awful Simpsons rip-off.
  43. He prefers to move on with life instead of fixing the issues that he has, for example, he never apologizes for his toxic behaviour when discussing about Space Chickens in Space with others.
  44. He laughs at the same jokes and shitposts over and over again and seems to never get bored by that (the biggest offender being the "a m o g u s" meme). Plus, he likes to come up with paraphilia jokes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He DID remove Space Chickens in Space from Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki and managed to create a new page for that show in the sister wiki.
    • Also, some of his pages are not that bad, like the Space Chickens in Space page which he considers to be his best one yet.
  2. He actually aknowledges the fact that some of the shows he watched as a kid (f.ex. Fanboy & Chum Chum and Kid vs. Kat) were garbage and doesn't brag about his "perfect childhood" to others online.
    • He also welcomes new cartoons and doesn't instantly hate them just for being modern.
  3. Despite his flaws, he does his best to learn from his mistakes and improve as a person.
  4. Atmosphere that's NoT eAsY tO pUlL oFf


  • He's from Argentina.
  • He likes pretty much every single color, but his favorite is orange and his least favorite is beige.


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