Unnatural Selection

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Unnatural Selection
Let's edit the show's genes to make it not exist.
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 62-70 minutes long
Country: United States
Release Date: October 18, 2019
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: Leeor Kuafman
Joe Egender
Distributed by: Netflix
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4

Unnatural Selection (or stylized as, "unnatural selection") is a 2019 TV "documentary" series that presents an overview of genetic engineering and particularly, the DNA-editing technology of CRISPR - from the perspective of scientists, corporations and biohackers working from their home.

Why It Sucks

  1. This show is filled to the brim with lies, fake evidence, and misleading information. In fact, they immediately spilled the beans at the beginning of the episode when they claimed that this show was meant for entertainment, not for medical purposes.
  2. The whole entire "gene-editing" stuff is completely unnecessary, considering the fact that not a whole lot of scientists even talk about it these days, nor even made a sensation at all. It's pretty much shows that gene-editing may not even be real, at all.
    • In fact, there is absolutely no proof that any of this is real. It's pretty much all acting!
  3. The entire show's premise is absolutely absurd. The only reason why they're into gene-editing is all because they want to make a dog glow just so they can cure an autistic child's blindness. This is proof that this show is fake, because first off, you cannot make a dog glow by editing their genes, it's extremely impossible, and second off, there is no cure for blindness. You are basically stuck with glasses (or contact lenses) for the rest of your life, if you were struck with blindness, and seeing bright things would only make your eyesight even worse.
  4. Even then, the animals that do "glow" aren't that bright enough to cure the blindness. In fact, they seem like they're wearing a glowing suit that seems like they're glowing, just to fool the viewer.
  5. The script and acting all seemed forced in, as everyone acts like they were shoved into the show just so they can get money.
  6. What's so stupid about this is that scientists have to use TECHNOLOGY to edit the genes. This is more proof that this show is fake, because there is no way they're going to insert the bacteria for the computer to copy its DNA, and even then, how are they gonna replace the new DNA with the old DNA?
  7. This show gets really boring as it continuously slogs on with continuous filler that has nothing to do with the show.
  8. Just like the infamous Leaving Neverland documentary, this show managed to gain positive reviews, as well as schools supporting the show and having their kids LEARN about it!
  9. Also, just like America: The Story of Us, this show has way too many university teachers explaining about useless facts that will obviously never get through the viewer's head.
  10. The show is only rated TV-MA all because of swearing, which barely any of the actors swear, and if you were to take them all out, it would've just been rated TV-PG.
  11. There's a scene where someone pulls up their phone to show photos of his experiments on animals. Basically, he enslaved animals just to edit their genes to make them look different, which is considered animal cruelty.
    • In fact, this may have been the reason why it was rated TV-MA.
  12. Sometimes, we get to see what's inside the bacteria/DNA which is extremely nauseating.


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