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Underlings (Strong Bad Email)

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Underlings (Strong Bad Email)
Coach Z suit sludge underlings.png
Yes, even good shows like Strong Bad Email can have bad episodes.
Series: Strong Bad Email
Episode Number: 171
Air Date: May 7, 2007
Writer: Mike Chapman
Matt Chapman
Previous episode: Rough Copy
Next episode: More Armies

Underlings is the 171st episode of Strong Bad Email.


Strong Bad explains how to tell others about embarrassing social mistakes.

Why It Stayed in Stink's Reach

  1. The email itself is full of gross-out, like the infamous "Your Tiny Bathing Suit" scene. Even Strong Mad cringed when Coach Z took off his swimtrunks!
  2. The episode felt like it was rushed out, and not given anytime for original humor. Not even The Chaps themselves liked this episode, to the point where to this day, they refuse to put the episode on YouTube.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The next email afterwards "more armies" was a much better episode.


The reception was mixed.



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