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Two boys imitate the Ball of Fire round from Ponto a Ponto and they die

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The notorious Ball of Fire round that should not have been imitated at home.

Ponto a Ponto was a Brazilian television program of the game show genre, produced and aired on Rede Globo from March 31 to August 4, 1996. It was a Brazilian version of the Spanish program El Gran Juego de la Oca, and was aired on Sunday afternoons. The program was hosted by Ana Furtado (wife of Globo's director, Boninho), Danielle Winits and Márcio Garcia.

However, one of the program's rounds, the Ball of Fire, where the participant pushed the ball with fire on the ramp was the most controversial of the entire game show and despite the warning during the game show to not imitate the program's rounds at home.


Two boys from Rio Grande do Sul, Felipe Boch Tesch, 15 years old and his old brother Gustavo Boch Tesch, 17 years old, imitated the round of Ball of Fire. They, along with other friends, held a soccer match with a flaming ball. To continue the game, the brothers went to get more fuel from the garage and, while handling vats of thinner, an explosion occurred and they were seriously injured. Felipe had his body 80% burned, he and his brother Gustavo were carried out by the fire department and were taken to a emergency hospital in Porto Alegre, but unfortunately both died on May 17 and 19, 1996 [1].


The Deputy Attorney General of Rio Grande do Sul, Odilon Abreu, asked an investigation to be opened to investigate the cause and effect relationship between the accident and the program and the suspension of the program in the event of the accident.[2] Deputy Gilney Viana (PT-MT) also asked for the program to be suspended. According to Viana, the commission sent a letter to Rede Globo warning about the risk of accidents with young people who participated in the program.[3] Boni, vice-president of operations at Globo at the time, stated that all participants were adequately protected and covered by life insurance against accidents. The game show was canceled with only 19 episodes due to the accident which caused the deaths of the two boys.


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