Two More Eggs

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Two More Eggs
"Aw come on, guys! Go back to Homestar, please?" - PhantomStrider
Genre: Comedy

Surrealist Animated

Running Time: 1-2 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Network(s): Disney XD
Created by: The Brothers Chaps
Distributed by: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Starring: Mike Chapman
Matt Chapman
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 90

Two More Eggs is a web series of animated shorts produced by The Brothers Chaps for Disney XD's YouTube channel and Disney XD. The Brothers Chaps previously produced the web series Homestar Runner. Two More Eggs is Disney's first animated web series.

The series debuted on June 23, 2015 with the release of the first three episodes, a trailer, and an official press release. It was announced that each new episode would be released on Tuesday of every week. Mostly being over a minute long, each episode centers on an individual character (e.g. "Dooble" or "Hot Dip") or a group of characters (e.g. "CGI Palz" or "Hector & Kovitch" or "Trauncles") and has no overarching plot or complexity. Matt Chapman claims that he and Mike worked with Disney with the same autonomy as with Homestar Runner.

Why It Sucks

  • The story plot doesn't make any sense at all.
  • All've these characters are unlikable.
  • This is a complete rip off of Animaniacs.

Redeeming Qualities

  • One of the characters are cute.


Two More Eggs have a mix reviews. On IMDb it holds a 5.3/10.


  • This was Disney XD's first web series in 2015.






2 months ago
Score 1
Lol no reasons


2 months ago
Score 0
I remember when I had diarrhea back in 2015 on December 22nd. I didn’t feel like watching Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon so I found out it was a marathon of all the (then) 50 minute complete series. Also EXTRA SAUCE!


24 days ago
Score 1
A very weird show

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