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Twistory (The Fairly OddParents)

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Twisting history cannot end well at all.
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 11b
Air Date: 2001 (foreign)
September 27, 2002 (USA)
Writer: Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Jack Thomas
Director: Gary Conrad
Butch Hartman
Previous episode: Hail to the Chief
Next episode: Fool's Day Out

"Twistory" is the second half of the eleventh episode in the second season of The Fairly OddParents. The episode rarely airs in the USA.


Timmy wishes the great American leaders into his house to finish his report, but because they have vanished from history, the United States reverts to being a British colony. To make things worse, Timmy is unable to wish them back, because Cosmo and Wanda's wands are taken for taxes (Taxation Without Representation). Timmy must now use his Time-Scooter to get them back to their period to stop Benedict Arnold from creating an alternate future.

Bad Qualities

  1. Timmy takes historical people out of their timelines just so he could finish his project faster, and that ends up messing with time.
  2. Cosmo's idea of taking historical people out of their timelines was stupid and contributed to Timmy's bad wish.
  3. The plot was dumb, as Timmy uses historical people to get his assignment done, but doesn't watch them carefully and they wander off.
  4. Timmy's parents are their usual dumb selves, and they don't even question Timmy where they came from.
  5. Timmy is also careless, as he brushes off Wanda’s warnings and the timeline changes due to his actions.
  6. There are many historical inaccuracies:
    • George Washington never really signed the Declaration of Independence. Many other delegates signed the Declaration of Independence, including John Adams.
    • Alexander Hamilton, America's first Treasury Secretary, never served as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress as he was serving as Washington's Aide de Camp during the Revolutionary War, though he did for the Constitutional Convention.
    • George Washington never wore a wig, and neither did Thomas Jefferson (he only wore one when he was Ambassador to France), who had long red hair.
    • Jefferson had violet eyes when he had green eyes in real life.
    • Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson were mentioned by Timmy as three famous Founding Fathers when in reality, there were more than three like John Adams, John Jay, John Hancock, James Madison, James Monroe, Alexander Hamilton, and Ethan Allen, etc.
    • Without the Founding Fathers, the entirety of the United States becomes a British colony, even though a majority of the country wasn't ruled by the British. Timmy's hometown, Dimmsdale, is located in California, which was a Spanish colony at the time.
  7. Cosmo and Wanda losing their wands because of taxes was dumb and doesn't make sense, because fairies don't need to pay taxes.
  8. It also portrays both the Americans and British people in a very stereotypical manner and implied that if the Founding Fathers never existed, the world would've been stuck with 18th-century technology.
  9. Bad ending: Even though Timmy did do a good job with his report, Mr. Crocker still gave him an F, just because Mr. Crocker doesn't like it. Sure, Timmy was careless in this episode, but even he doesn't deserve to fail a project he did some good work on.

Good Qualities

  1. The animated historical people did a good job portraying their real-life counterparts.
  2. Some funny moments in the episode, like using the ax to fix the TV, and Timmy’s face on the dollar bill.
  3. At least Timmy learned from his mistake and uses his time scooter to send the historical people back to their timelines and save history.
  4. The idea of talking to historical people to get some good history is an interesting concept, especially for a Fairly OddParents episode. It was just poorly executed, even if you don't account for the historical inaccuracies.



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