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Turbo F.A.S.T (season 3)

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Turbo F.A.S.T (Season 3)
Turbo Fast Season 3.jpg
"I got it! How about we turn this show into a gross out show composed entirely of vulgar humor, while also inventing awesome gross up close ups that will endure throughout the ages! Wouldn't that be RADICAL?!" - Some underpaid intern at Dreamworks Animation
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes (11 minute segments)
Country: United States
Release Date: February 6, 2016
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: Chris Prynoski
Starring: Reid Scott
Eric Bauza
Michael Patrick Bell
John Eric Bentley
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Phil LaMarr
Amir Talai
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 78 (102 segments)

Turbo F.A.S.T is an American Flash-animated web television series based on the 2013 computer-animated film Turbo. Produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and animated by Titmouse, it is being exclusively released on Netflix in the United States and in the 40 countries where Netflix offers its services at the time, but it became available worldwide via Netflix over time. It is the first Netflix original series for children, and the first DreamWorks Animation series produced for Netflix.

While the first two seasons of the series were mostly well-received, the series took a nosedive in quality during its third and final season.

Why This Season Can Go S.L.O.W

  1. The main problem with this season is that it predominantly lacks the charm, wit, and cleverness of the first season, and to a lesser extent, the second season. On top of that, the writing downgraded from being very creative and interesting to being formulaic, dull, and mostly unfunny. Worst of all, only seven people wrote this season's episodes which is the same amount of writers as the second season and lesser than season one which had 10 writers, which is a shame since all seven writers have also written/worked on much better/bad shows and are usually great at doing their jobs. These writers include:
  2. Speaking of, A handful of main/minor writers from the first two seasons weren't involved in this season such as Jack Thomas, Eric Trueheart, John O'Bryan, and John Behnke.
  3. Because of the lackluster writing, this season ended having a really big amount of bad/average episodes (mostly from Madison Bateman), such as:
  4. Some of the characters in this season were flanderized badly, to the point of becoming unlikable and lacking the charm they previously (or usually) had.
    • Turbo himself had gone from a speed demon, yet likable and fun-loving racer with speed into an egoistical Gary Stu who usually cares about winning (this can be justified due to Turbo won the Indy 500 race in the movie but still), his fans and mustaches more so than the first two seasons, trends to do terrible plans with the fast crew (especially in 137 Hours, the reason why the Fast crew goes on vacation to Florida to go build homes for manatees rather than doing what the rest of the crew really enjoy there such as the beach and the tropical drink bar, resulting in the crew to waste their vacation week), and also a huge sellout in Turbo Real where he tries to promote Sweaties Cereal during the filming of the crew's reality show which is product placement.
    • Skidmark had gone from a very crazy, yet clever scientific mechanic who has a passion for conspiracy theories into crazier than he was in the first two seasons and often cares more about conspiracy theories, science, and trapping mystical creatures, even more so than the first two seasons as Best Frenemies show him at his absolute worst as he tricks Turbo into being trapped alone in a portable toilet just because he's friends with Shadow despite him interacting with Turbo multiple times in the previous episodes (most notably in Ready, Set, Glow!, Crow Pox, Gills, and Mall is Well (which ironically both Best Frenemies and the latter episode were written by Sam Cherington) and yet he never gets punished or call out by the other fast crew members.
    • Burn went from a snarky and tough, yet strong action girl who cares for her teammates and herself when in trouble to a greedy and aggressive mean popular girl who lost all of her character development throughout the series and constantly bullies her teammates (even Chet) whenever they mess something up for her or get what she wants, sometimes if by accident and even for petty reasons. Some episodes like Hawaii Five-No and The Dry Spell show her at her worst.
    • White Shadow has gone from a dimwitted yet funny snail who has a passion for food and kung fu other than racing to a dumber idiot than he was in the first two seasons who constantly behaves as if he's lost all signs of intelligence and cares about food than his other trails (e.g. Kung Fu, helping out the crew, working, and racing), especially in the series finale, Stalks on a Plane, he thinks that the remote control plane is a dog and treats it as a pet during the plane touching contest.
    • Whiplash's characterization has exaggerated in this season, becoming an even more short-tempered, loud man who often treated the other snails like slaves with Crew Detective being the worst case of Flanderization that Whiplash has, he's also lost all of his intelligence just like White Shadow in this season, particularly in Worst in Show is that he took a lost poodle moth with a tag to a pet show rather than calling his owner that he found him.
    • Smoove Moove went from an egotistical, yet helpful and laid back, groovy DJ to a lazy slacker and Butt-Monkey whose insecurities and egoistical personality get worse, and his team (even Chet) does nothing to help when he gets treated like a punching bag similar to Lance in Voltron: Legendary Defender Seasons 7 and 8, especially in 137 Hours.
    • Hardcase went from a diabolical rival who wants to take over Starlight City/Turbotown to much of a filler villain, even more so than in the second season, much like Whiplash and White Shadow, he becomes much dumber as he nearly got everyone in Turbotown killed by the stink bomb attracted on the dryer in Turbo Does Laundry.
    • Deuce has become an overused plot device for Turbo and the crew in this season, making him a filler Karma Houdini.
    • Mel Shellman has become extremely obsessive with Charlie too much to the point where he couldn't let the latter get a new best friend, causing him to become a Butt-Monkey throughout the season, especially in Best Frenemies.
  5. Some of the humor in this season (while funny) are pretty awful and cringe-worthy in comparison to the first two seasons, with most of them consisting of fart jokes, toilet humor, and gross-out humor, which became common traits in this season.
  6. While some new characters are interesting, a few can be very unlikeable, especially the Jamaican Jerk Chickens who are apparently Jamaican stereotypes.
  7. Sometimes, there are episodes in this season that have mostly made solely for filler such as Turbo Does Laundry which has even more filler than that of other episodes of this season since it's a two-part episode which nothing happens other than Turbo washing his mustaches and the minor characters doing things that were only there to pad out the running time of the episode, 137 Hours involved Smoove getting his tail stuck with the golden speaker he got from the Delivery Snail in the clubhouse and nothing else for almost the entire episode, and Party Poopers involving the Fast crew trying to stop the toilet frogs from hard-partying for almost the entire episode. even Crushing It, Breaking News, Retreat, Tween Titans, Drama Queen, and even The Great Divide have more effort in their plots than this season's episodes.
    • The episode, Stalks on a Plane is a very poor way to end not only the season but also the Turbo franchise as it was completely loaded with gross-out (especially from the cheese), filler, and not giving the series a proper conclusion unlike most of the other DreamWorks Netflix series.
    • Nearly a year after the show was canceled, some of the filler was carried over to Buddy Thunderstruck (another Netflix show involved racing) just to have more focus on filler than racing with Get the Hock Out, Thunderstruck Rab Cab, Moneybags and his Monster (despite the two have some impact in the Moneybags arc despite the Buddy and Tex Jr events being ignored in later episodes), Stunt Fever, and Cannonballistic, which thankfully didn't turn out well, making it the only five episodes in that show which served as filler and were mostly ignored in later episodes, aside from a few events in the former three episodes like Buddy and Big Tex’s interaction and Muncie’s hatred towards the Arkanas.
    • Speaking of, the pacing of this season has been downgraded from being fast to slow, mainly due to the filler episodes compared to the first two seasons.
  8. While most of the characters from the first two seasons return, a few of them weren't seen nor mentioned in this season such as Marty, the Fajita snail crew, Clip and Clap, Breakneck, nor even the human characters like Guy Gagne and Kim-Ly.
    • Tito (despite being the snail trainer of the Fast crew) is very underused as he only appears in four episodes (one in where he has a major role which is Desserted Island) and was never seen or mentioned for the remainder of this season.
  9. While decent, a few episodes can be poorly directed, two examples are once again Hawaii Five-No and Crew Detective coming from Phil Allora who later direct the infamous DC Super Hero Girls episode, Breaking News.
  10. The plots are a lot more nonsensical, boring, and stupid due to this season having a more cartoony feel compared to the previous seasons. The show always had some cartoonish elements in the movie and the first two seasons, but they weren’t there to advance the plot.
    • On top of that, there's much fewer snail racing in this season since there are only 6 race-related episodes, especially compared to the movie and the first season which has 22 race episodes, resulting in the F.A.S.T crew's shell powers (even Turbo's speed) being rarely used, but at least had more raced-related episodes than season 2.
  11. Some episodes in this season have many questionable and unfitting, disturbing, disgusting, infuriating, mean-spirited, nightmarish, and/or violent scenes that were rarely present in the first two seasons, with the Madison Bateman written episodes (Hawaii Five-No, The Dry Spell, The League, Turbo Real, Crew Detective, and Worst in Show), 137 Hours, The Jamaican Jerk Chickens, Best Frenemies, Don't Feed the Troll, Stalks on a Plane, and Turbo Does Laundry being the worst offenders out there.
  12. Some of the concepts can be good, but they get wasted either due to the fewer writers working on this season or the lackluster writing (as mentioned earlier).
  13. The writing has also become very lazy since the show often recycles and rehashes episodes from the first two seasons and sometimes even from other TV shows or movies. Many of the writers also don't seem to show any respect for the show’s fans, proven by how they have disrespected their audience's intelligence several times. While this could be due to the writers running out of ideas, it can become extremely repetitive at times. Even more baffling is that, unlike most other cartoons that experience seasonal rot, Turbo F.A.S.T wasn't even five years old by the time this season premiered, proving how limited storytelling ideas have become with this series. for example;
    • 137 Hours rehashes Zoo Lander and Home on Our Own where one or two members ditching the fast crew just to stay at the clubhouse (unlike the latter two episodes which involved Skidmark and White Shadow, it's Smoove who takes the focus) which ironically, both Zoo Lander and 137 Hours were written by Devin Dunje and Nick Stanton
    • Best Frenemies rehashes Chet Gets Burned, only with the Skidmark and White Shadow relationship shoehorned into it.
    • Crew Detective rehashes Conspiracy from Season 2 since both episodes involving the investing of mystery with their friends, unlike that episode which finds out the disappearance of the fast crew apart from Skidmark, Whiplash find out who broke his pumice brush.
    • The Dry Spell and The Whiplash Effect both rehash "Surf'N Turf", Skidzo-Brainia", and "Over Shadowed", (all from Season 1), since all five episodes have one of the fast crew change their personality only for them to get tortured.
  14. This season has so many continuity errors that seemed to have contradicted the events of the movie and the first two seasons:
    • In Hawaii Five-No, Whiplash was shown to be in a singing contest despite his singing and DJ skills being terrible (though off-screen) in the season 1 episode "Smoovin' On Up", in fact, this is something that Smoove would do.
    • Smoove was still annoyed by Buster's annoyance in 137 Hours though he was doing fine with the latter in the previous episodes.
  15. While the show still teaches good morals from here to there, some of the morals in this season feel rather tagged on at times.
  16. The voice acting, while just as great as in the previous seasons, can get annoying and obnoxious in this season due to some of the voice actors often yelling the majority of their lines.
  17. There are some episodes where some of the crew do not care about their members being treated like crap, such as 137 Hours where the fast crew (even Chet who has a ambulance shell) decided to leave Smoove in the damaged clubhouse with Buster Moove while they head to Funkville rather than taking him to the hospital for his injuries caused by being stuck in a golden speaker and repair their clubhouse, which is proof they sometimes show a careless side for the other members, unlike the first two seasons.
    • Another example of this is that neither of the other Fast crew members (aside from White Shadow) even noticed that Turbo have disappeared nor being trapped in a portable toilet by Skidmark as if nothing happen to him.
  18. This season never has the flanderized characters develop, as they learn their lesson in the end and apologize, only to revert to their old ways in the next episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This season still has its fair share of good episodes, such as:
    • How to Train Your Titmouse
    • The Good, The Bad, The Bugly
    • Shell on Wheels
    • Keep on Truckin
    • He Got Game Night
    • Belle of the Gumball
    • Desserted Island
    • Dial M for Mystery
    • The Ants and the Grasshoppers
    • The Story of J.J.E.F.F.
  2. The flash animation and voice acting are still great like the first two seasons.
  3. This season introduces us to new characters such as Darryl who is an interesting character and Turbo and Chet's father.
  4. There are still a few characters that haven't been flanderized and remain to their likable and original personalities:
    1. Chet (despite being an overprotective freak)
    2. Tito (despite being underused)
    3. Court Tickula
    4. Ace Gecko
    5. Hayaku
    6. Thora
    7. Hubert
    8. Singe
    9. Charlie
    10. Evra
    11. Captain Dirtbeard
      • Likewise, the flanderized characters (such as Turbo, Burn, Skidmark, Whiplash, White Shadow, Smoove Moove, Hardcase, Dunce, and Mel Shellman) occasionally have their original personality and are sometimes likable.
      • Most of the other characters from the first two seasons returned briefly in this season.
  5. While most of the jokes have become stale, some of the jokes are still good.
  6. There are still some good morals here and there, such as the League, which at least teaches viewers a good and important life lesson: don't spend too much time on technology and try something new.


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