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Trusty Trunky (Thomas & Friends)

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Trusty Trunky (Thomas & Friends)
Trusty Trunky.png
Elephants don't work on railways folks.
Series: Thomas & Friends
Part of Season: 22
Episode Number: 4
Air Date: December 3rd, 2018
Writer: Becky Overton
Director: Dianna Basso
Previous episode: Confusion Without Delay
Next episode: What Rebecca Does

Trusty Trunky is the 4th episode of the 22nd season of Thomas and Friends. It aired on December 3rd 2018.

Why It Deserves To Be Shoved In The Face By An Elephant's Butt

  1. To get the cat out of the bag, this episode teaches kids that elephants work on railways. Let us ask you this: Since when in the world do elephants work on railways?!
  2. The animation, like all of the episodes in the BWBA era looks of centered and out of place.
  3. Like with all of the dream sequences in the BWBA era, the dream sequence in this episode is uncanny, weird, and is just there for filler.
  4. That one infamous scene where an elephant shoves its butt in Thomas's face, trying to get him back on the tracks.
  5. The episode moves at a snails pace making it boring.
  6. A rather infamous scene where there are goats standing on top of the railway coaches with one jumping onto Thomas while he is moving, which is extremely dangerous.
  7. The depiction of India in this episode is rather stereotypical, as all that's really shown in India in this episode is elephants, a desert-like location and a tropical-like location.
  8. It marked an early sign of the show's second downfall.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thomas and Ashima are still likable.
  2. The voice acting is still great as usual.
  3. In defence to the writers, while the idea of an elephant pushing a train may sound ridiculous, it actually has happened in real life like when two elephants in Australia helped push a derailed circus train back onto the track.(But the elephant pushes with the head, not the butt)


Trusty Trunky received very negative reviews from fans and critics alike.