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True Secret (True Jackson, VP)

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True Secret (True Jackson, VP)
True Secret True Jackson, VP.jpg
This episode’s True Secret is that is awful.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 4
Air Date: October 9, 2010
Writer: Sib Ventress
Director: Roger Christiansen
Previous episode: "Mad Rocks"
Next episode: "Class Election"

True Secret is the fourth episode of Season 3 of True Jackson, VP. It first aired on October 9, 2010.


Max arranges a carnival in Mad Style, during this time True and Jimmy show affection for each other when no one is around. When Max catches them kissing, he demands that one of them must quit by the end of the day. When True and Jimmy decide that they both do not want to quit, Max finally decides to get rid of the no employees dating policy. Meanwhile, Ryan has hard time winning a teddy bear prize for Kelsey at the carnival. Also, Amanda wants no part in this day but ends up have fun away when she gets stuck in the bounce house after trying to get coffee and jumps up and down until it deflates.

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode, while it doesn’t look like a torture one for True and Jimmy physically, is actually that emotionally, as Mr. Madigan catches them kissing.
    • Even though he does allow them to stay together, he keeps his no dating employees policy up, and tells them that only one of them needs to quit by the end of the day in order for them to stay together.
    • This brings some problems they struggle with, as True doesn’t wanna lose her job as a VP, and Jimmy doesn’t wanna lose his job as a mailman, and they wanna stay together at the same time.
  2. Mr. Madigan is VERY unlikable in this episode, while he had a decent start, his hatable traits kick in when he catches True and Jimmy kissing, even if he lets them stay together, he needs one of them to quit as he won’t let down his no dating policy, at least, not until the end.
  3. The whack the pole game, while funny, is honestly rigged, as Ryan tries his hardest to hit it to win Kelsey a bear, but he always gets a come every time, while Mikey J ends up winning a bear for Lulu on his first try.
  4. The haunted house spooky guy was pretty annoying, and the whack the pole guy wasn’t fun either.
  5. Amanda did try to get coffee, trying to get past the bounce house, but got rained color balls on her, which must of hurt.
  6. Ryan was struggling with the whack the pole game, as Kelsey is beginning to feel impatient.
  7. True tried her best to convince Mr. Madigan to remove the no-dating policy, and was unsuccessful until the end.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The episode started off good, until Mr. Madigan caught True and Jimmy kissing.
    • To be honest, the first half was good, with True and Jimmy having cute moments, the funny meeting, the carnival starting and the fun moments everyone had. This episode would have been good if Mr. Madigan was nice enough to lift the no-dating policy earlier.
  2. Many of the other characters are still likable in this episode, especially True and Jimmy.
  3. Some funny moments in the episode, like some of the carnival stuff, as well as Jimmy fake falling a few times.
  4. True and Jimmy had many heartwarming moments in the episode together, especially when they decided to stay together, whether they both have their jobs or not.
  5. Some characters did have good endings:
    • Ryan finally used his pure strength instead of the hammer, which finally won him the bear to give to Kelsey, even though she wanted the other color, so he used his pure strength again, and got her the right color, much to her happiness.
    • Mr. Madigan was at least nice enough to lift the no-dating policy in the end, after seeing what a good couple True and Jimmy are, leading to them staying together and keeping their jobs.
  6. The ending was good, and also funny, as Ryan and Kelsey, and her teddy bear, went with Lulu and Mikey J, and their group of teddy bears, which was hilarious. Also, True and Jimmy walk with Mr. Madigan, happy that everything worked out in the end. Also, a funny and good moment where Amanda did have fun after all, as she was happily bouncing on the bounce house.


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