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Triturando 2021 logo.jpg
Worse than Fofocalizando.
Genre: Entertainment
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: May 8, 2020 -
February 20, 2021
Network(s): SBT
Created by: Silvio Santos
Distributed by: SBT
Starring: Chris Flores
Gabriel Cartolano
Flor Fernandez
Ana Paula Renualt
Lívia Andrade (May 8 -
Mara Maravilha (May 8 -
Seasons: 2
Previous show: Fofocalizando (2016-present)

Triturando was a Brazilian television variety show produced and aired by SBT. The program premiered on May 8, 2020, replacing and following the editorial line of its predecessor, Fofocalizando, from which it is derived from a segment in which the paniel of columnists "grinds" famous people for their attitudes through a robot called Fofobyte. Due of the low ratings and also with the Coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, would be taken down from the air of its habitual schedule on June 19, 2020, being replaced by the return of Fofocalizando and would only be reruns at midnight. However, on June 22, 2020, the program that would be canceled, is maintained. On July 22 of the same year, Silvio Santos announces its extinction due to low audience and the dismissal of its entire team, except Chris Flores who will be relocated to Notícias Impressionantes, its successor. But, due to the negative repercussion on social media, after the exhibition of Notícias Impressionantes, it is announced its cancellation and with that, the return of the Triturando. The program started to be aired only on Saturdays from February 6, 2021 with the return of Fofocalizando, being definitively extinguished on February 20th of the same year.

Why It Sucks

  1. Is very infamous for having various changes several time changes in the SBT's schedule, which caused dissatisfaction among SBT viewers, as well as the host of Casos de Família, Christina Rocha, who did not like it so much that Triturando was extended at 17:30 pm in the place of Casos de Família of a last minute decision on May 8, as well as the Casos de Família having switched hours with Triturando at 15:15 pm on May 15.
  2. The purpose of the program is derived from the segment of the old Fofocalizando, where they grinds famous for their attitudes, as well as anything is ridiculous, since that's what the program is about.
  3. Poor co-hosting of Flor Fernandez, Ana Paula Renault and Gabriel Cartolano.
  4. This program is one of the many gossip programs that are already very saturated on Brazilian TV in recent years.
  5. It gets boring very quickly, for repeating the same thing about grinding famous people because of their attitudes.
  6. Despite Triturando was canceled for good on June 19 and Fofocalizando was going to return, unfortunately due of Leão Lobo was removed from the program, due to being part of the COVID-19 risk group, Silvio Santos decided to keep Triturando and cancel Fofocalizando's return.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They slammed and crushed Regina Duarte, for her heinous attitude in her interview on CNN Brasil and supporting the already terrible president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and we only mentioned a part of her downfall, since before that, she was a great actress and acted in great soap operas such as the first version of Selva de Pedra, Roque Santeiro (the version that aired) and Por Amor.
  2. Good hosting of Chris Flores.
  3. Fofobyte has a cutesy and nice design.


Triturando received negative criticism from the SBT's viewers and expeditious critics of Brazilian television, mostly from the constant schedule changes and the reruns escalations at the weekends, caused many protests from the network's viewers, for not only the Saturday rerun, replacing SBT Brasil on May 23, 2020, but also the Sunday reruns at 10:00 AM, caused protests and backlash from El Chavo del Ocho fans, due of the long time the series was aired in the SBT's Sunday mornings, resulted from the reducing of the series' air time before was 1 hour and 30 minutes to only 30 minutes. The show suffered low ratings as well. Triturando's ex-host Lívia Andrade, shortly after being removed and replaced from command of the show by Silvio Santos, declared about the program in her Instagram account saying: "I like the cast, but I don't like the content, so I'm not watching."


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