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Trespassing (CatDog)

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Trespassing (CatDog)
You're a Bad, Bad Dog.
Series: CatDog
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 20b
Air Date: October 29, 1998
Writer: Mike Allen
Director: Scott Wood
Russ Mooney
Previous episode: All About Cat
Next episode: Send in the CatDog

Trespassing is the second segment of the twentieth episode in Season 1 of CatDog.


As Dog waits at a fire hydrant for a "trespasser" who marked his territory, Cat tries to get him home until Winslow accidentally makes their house catch on fire.

Why Dog Is A Bad, Bad Dog

  1. Dog is very unlikeable, as he cares about a fire hydrant more than Cat's well-being.
    • This also shows how extremely annoying his stupidity is here.
  2. Winslow is also just as unlikable here for leaving Cat on his own and inviting lots of people to the house without his permission before accidentally setting the house on fire.
  3. This is considered a torture episode for Cat. All he wanted to do was watch a pay-per-view wrestling match he'd paid for, but instead, he is forced to stay with Dog just to find the trespasser who marked Dog's hydrant and as a result:
    • He missed his wrestling match as mentioned in WDIABBD#2.
    • Gets beaten by the Greasers.
    • Also gets struck by lightning in the storm.
    • His and Dog's house gets burned after Winslow's party ends, along with the firefighter's dog biting Cat's nose.
  4. Dog never gets punished or even called out for his actions.
  5. Bad Ending: After the firefighters leave and CatDog's house burns to the ground Cat snaps and begins laughing hysterically, saying that after all he has been put through, he knows things can't possibly get any worse.
  6. Winslow served no purpose to this episode but filler.
  7. It even has a bad moral. Whenever CatDog leaves Winslow in charge he throws a party at CatDog's house without Cat's permission and sets the house on fire by being unsupervised.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting is still good as usual.
  2. Cat is a likable character as usual.