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Trespassers Will Be Persecuted (Kid vs. Kat)

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"Trespassers Will Be Persecuted"
2-1 - Trespassers Will Be Persecuted.jpg
While other episodes did have Coop-torture moments, this episode takes it to a whole new level.
Series: Kid vs. Kat
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 2a
Air Date: December 30, 2008
Writer: Michael Lahay
Previous episode: Night of the Zombie Kat
Next episode: Me-Oh Me-Oh Meow

Trespassers Will Be Persecuted is the first half of the second episode of the Canadian animated series, Kid vs. Kat. It first aired on December 30, 2008, on YTV.


The episode starts with Coop and Dennis throwing water balloons at each other with a handmade catapult, but when Mr. Kat throws the water balloon at Old Lady Munson's yard, Old Lady Munson gets mad at the Burtonburgers. Later on, Mr. Kat tries to get Coop into Old Lady Munson's yard again and again.

Why It Should be Catapulted Away into Old Lady Munson's Yard

  1. First of all, this episode never even goes beyond repetitive Coop-torture throughout the whole eleven-minutes of the entire episode, as he keeps getting framed for things he didn't do approximately five times. While many other episodes did have Coop-torture moments, this episode took it to the max, to the point where this episode makes the other episodes look like they didn't have any Coop-torture in them at all, in comparison to this episode. Unfortunately, One Big Happy Family suffers from a similar case.
    Just what is wrong with this Kat?! Don't forget that we're talking about a kids' show
  2. Mr. Kat and Old Lady Munson are horribly unlikable in this episode, as Mr. Kat keeps framing Coop by making him cross Old Lady Munson's fence, while Old Lady Munson does nothing but yell at Coop for the things he did not do.
  3. Millie is also unlikeable in this episode as she, first of all, told Coop not to "mock" Mr. Kat, even though he clearly deserved it for all of the things he did to Coop. She then just keeps defending Mr. Kat in this episode, just like all of the other episodes. Also, she was about to tell Burt (her and Coop's father by the way) about Coop throwing Mr. Kat to Old Lady Munson's yard, before Mr. Kat eventually freaks out and fights with Coop.
  4. Burt sadly, is not much better, as he keeps blaming Coop for all of the things that happened in the entire episode and of course, throws off this excuse "You can't blame Millie's cat for everything, son", though he isn't insufferable compared to the other unlikable characters in this episode.
  5. Downright bland and generic title card that just has a sign saying the title of the episode, with some electric wires on top of the fence, hinting at all of the bad things that would happen in this episode, similar to the name of this episode.
  6. While Dennis is likable in this episode, he randomly disappears in the second half of the episode as it gets worse and worse by the minute.
  7. Burt's animation when he mocked Old Lady Munson looks a lot like a poor attempt at posing a scary roar, which you can see right here.
  8. Dreadful Ending: Coop is about to catapult away Mr. Kat to Old Lady Munson's yard, but Mr. Kat breaks free and then catapults Coop away to Old Lady Munson's yard and starts throwing Munson's gnomes at Coop. While Coop caught all of the gnomes, then Old Lady Munson yells at Coop, to the point where Coop gets tied up in the catapult (see the image above), while Mr. Kat enjoys a cup of tea with Millie as he grins. So basically, after all of the horrible things that happened in the entire episode, nothing gets resolved, not ONCE! (albeit the very end where Coop throws another water balloon, but still)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The beginning of this episode is decent at least and is pretty funny. Just get to before Mr. Kat throws a water balloon at Old Lady Munson's yard.
  2. Coop and Dennis are still likable in this episode, despite Coop being treated as a punching bag and butt-monkey while Dennis disappeared in the middle of the episode abruptly.
  3. The only good thing to mention about this unsatisfying and perhaps downright miserable ending is how Coop does throw a water balloon at Mr. Kat and Millie's tea party, resulting in Mr. Kat having a bump in his head (a very cartoonish one though), with Coop saying "Looks like one lump to me", which means that Mr. Kat did slightly get comeuppance for the bad things he did throughout the entire episode, but this still isn't enough to call it a good ending, in fact, not good enough to call a good episode.


Despite all of the flaws this episode had, for some reason, the episode received an absurdly high number at IMDb, scoring at 7.1/10, along with its sister episode, Me-Oh Me-Oh Meow, in which, that episode isn't much better. All of this was likely due to nostalgic consumers defending the entire show, which includes this one. However, as shown by all of the episode's panoramic flaws, the episode isn't that decent.


  • The scene where Mr. Kat throws Munson's gnomes with a catapult and Coop caught them is a reference to the Flash game "Kid vs. Kat: Katapult Katastrophe".


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