Trading Phil (Rugrats, 1991)

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Trading Phil (Rugrats, 1991)
At least it's not as bad as what happened to Phil Hartman.…
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: 9b
Air Date: April 6, 2002
Writer: Noah Taft
Director: Jeff Scott
Previous episode: Cynthia Comes Alive
Next episode: A Tale of Two Puppies

Trading Phil is the second half of the 9th episode from Season 8 of Rugrats.


Angelica tries to fit in with some older 4-year old girls and learns they want to play with a "real baby". So she lets them have their pick of the Rugrats and they choose Phil. Angelica makes the babies a deal that she'll be nice to them forever if Phil decides to play with her and the big kids. Will she keep her end of the bargain? - Description from Klasky Csupo.

Bad Qualities

  1. This is basically a torture episode for Phil, as Angelica forces him to play with Kayla and Marli in order for them to hang out with her and to have Angelica be nice to him and his friends.
  2. Angelica is very unlikable in this episode, as she forces Phil to play with Kayla and Marli, so she can hang out with the cool kids, and she does this by promising the babies to be nice to them if he does this.
  3. The sub-plot with Grandpa Lou trying to train Spiffy was mostly boring.
  4. The Rugrats playing the game, Mud Pies, replacing Phil with a globby, was just plain sad.
  5. Kayla and Marli are both unlikable characters, as they make Phil very uncomfortable with the way they play with him, and even were going to dress him up in girl clothes.
  6. Some gross moments in the episode, mainly with the globby and the mud.
  7. There are also some mean spirited moments, such as Angelica dragging away Phil forcefully, and Kayla and Marli poking Phil with a stick.

Good Qualities

  1. Besides Grandpa Lou’s sub-plot, the episode started off good until Angelica had Kayla and Marli pick out a baby from her cousin and his friends.
  2. Good animation and voice acting as usual.
  3. Most of the characters are still likable in this episode, including poor Phil, as we sympathize with him for the torture he got, and he even used some of this to his advantage by having Angelica get him a worm, and give him one of her cookies and her Reptar bar. Dil and Kimi are actually also likable here, and they are not annoying like they usually are.
  4. Some funny moments in the episode, such as Dil being the one to follow Grandpa Lou instead of Spiffy, and Angelica messing up in front of Kayla and Marli by not catching the globby and when she tripped and fell into the mud.
  5. Phil giving Angelica a taste of her own medicine by having her do nice stuff for him, which is satisfying considering the torture she gives him and the other Rugrats.
  6. "For babies everywhere!"
  7. The ending was good as the Rugrats went to get Phil back, even if it means Angelica is still mean to them. Phil does join back with his sister and friends, which was nice. Also, Angelica gets her comeuppance when she tripped and fell into the mud, humiliating her in front of Kayla and Marli, and then she steps into the globby, which she then walks away angrily defeated and covered in mud and globby stuff.


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