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Tourist Trap (Ben 10, 2005)

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Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap.jpeg
This is a tourist trap alright, and not a good one.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: February 4, 2006
Writer: Joe Kelly
Steven T. Seagle
Director: Scooter Tidwell
Previous episode: Hunted
Next episode: Kevin 11

"Tourist Trap" is the sixth episode of the original Ben 10


Ben's prank backfires when he accidentally releases a Megawhatt, a destructive alien made of electrical energy.

Why It's A Tourist Trap

  1. Ben starts a prank of turning into Stinkfly and spitting green goop on a van seat that Gwen was about to sit on for no reason, along with turning her into a criminal.
  2. Megawhatt/Nosedeenian, the alien Ben releases, has an annoying tone, pulls Gwen's shirt and destroys the town's buildings. His high-pitched screeching can get on your last nerve and he even vandalised Grandpa Max's van!
  3. Lots of gross-out humor here, such as when the kid next to Ben opened his mouth which was full of food while they were making faces at each other and when Stinkfly sprayed green goop on one of the van's seats.
  4. Plot Hole: How could large rubber bands destroy things?
  5. Ben shows no remorse at all for his prank that caused a destructive electrical alien to be released and transforming into Stinkfly to spray goop on Gwen's seat at the start, nor does he apologize or get punished aside from getting mildly called out by Grandpa Max.
  6. Grandpa Max, aside from bringing Ben and Gwen places, is mainly pointless here.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. We finally got to see Ben's transformation sequence into Upgrade.
  2. Good Ending: Ben sort of got his comeuppance at the end where he got mildly called out by Grandpa Max and wet by a bucket of water when it fell.
  3. Despite him being pointless, Grandpa Max is still a likable character.
  4. The Megawhatts/Nosedeenians improved in later episodes, and Ben even unlocks Buzzshock, a transformation based on them.
  5. The animation and voice acting here is still fantastic.


  • Ben's transformation into Upgrade was revealed.


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