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Total DramaRama
Total DramaRama.jpg
Making a daycare spin-off isn't exactly a good idea for an animated reality TV series.
Genre: Animated
Surreal comedy
Running Time: 11 Minutes
Country: Canada
United States
Release Date: September 1, 2018 – July 22, 2022
Network(s): Teletoon (Canada)
Cartoon Network (United States)
Created by: Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis
Distributed by: Cake Entertainment
Starring: Deven Mack
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Katie Crown
Cory Doran
Scott McCord
Drew Nelson
Sarah Gadon
Christian Potenza
Kristin Fairlie
Lilly Bartlam
Bahia Watson
Darren Frost
Wyatt White
Evany Rosen
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 147
Previous show: Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Total DramaRama, originally titled Total Daycare Drama or Total Drama Daycare, is a 2018 Canadian-American animated comedy series.


The show is a crossover prequel spin-off depicting an alternate universe where the teenage 'Total Drama' characters and one ‘6teen’ character are aged down to toddlers.

Why It Lacks The Drama

  1. The main problem with this spin-off is that it completely contradicts the original concept of the Total Drama franchise. While the previous shows focused on being a parody of Reality TV, this instead focuses on the everyday shenanigans of the characters in their toddler forms. Of course, it is non canon at best since it is more of a alternate universe
  2. The overall concept of the franchise's main characters being in daycare, while not entirely bad, feels extremely out of place considering the original Total Drama gimmicks.
  3. The show includes a confession cam despite no longer being a parody of a reality show (though the characters later imply it may actually be a mock-reality show). This indicates that the writers brought back random elements of the original show without realising why they were used there or considering if the said element was necessary.
  4. The title of the show itself Total DramaRama, is very laughable and stupid and doesn't make any sense, as it has nothing to do with the characters as toddlers.
  5. Most episodes range from mediocre to downright terrible.
    • Snow Way Out
    • Student Becomes The Teacher
    • Tiger Fail
    • Cluckwork Orange
    • Virtual Reality Bites
    • "Total Eclipse of the Fart" (arguably the worst episode)
    • "Way Back Wendel"
    • Senior Sinisters (Depending on your view)
  6. Instead of bringing back more of the classic characters like Trent, Lindsay, Heather, DJ or Tyler and even some of the 2nd generation characters, they included Jude Lizowski from 6teen which is quite odd considering that those are 2 completely separated and different shows.
    • The fact that Chris McLean's voice actor also voices Jude doesn't help as it causes you to think about Chris's character and not Jude's.
  7. This show is a massive kick-in-the-balls to the Total Drama fandom due to the fact that Fresh TV was originally planning to make a sixth season of the original Total Drama, but later declined and made this instead.
    • Not only that, but back in 2017, Fresh announced a new season of Total Drama after a long hiatus, but reconsidered and made this show instead.
      • In February 2021, however, Fresh TV would eventually announce two more seasons of Total Drama set to premiere on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.[1]
    • Also, the children were going to be portrayed as 11-year-olds before Tom McGillis decided to age them down to preschool-aged children to have more ideas for stories.[2]
  8. This is a pathetic attempt to keep the franchise going, as well as semi-revive the long-dead "spin-off babies" trope (maybe even to the point of becoming a cliché). Plus, it feels like an insult to the franchise.
  9. Cody is the butt-monkey of the series, and he gets abused in every episode he's in through no fault of his own. To make matters worse, he has died at least seven times.
    • Speaking of Cody, when he cries in the episode "Tiger Fail," some of his crying was reused from Sierra's in All-Stars. This shows us just how lazy the sound designers can be.
  10. Harold, Noah, and Leshawna were all recast for no good reason and sound mediocrely child-like, while Cody and Gwen were replaced with actual child actors.
    • On the topic of "recasting", many characters sound out of place with their new voice actors/actresses in some foreign dubs.
  11. Most of the characters have been flanderized and act almost nothing like their original selves.
    • Gwen went from a cynical and slightly sarcastic person who isn't really goth but rather a loner, who's usually nice, and was one of the most normal and level headed out of the cast, to a generic creepy child, but more bland and unlikeable. She even screamed in one episode all because her chair was ruined and it will likely get on your nerves.
    • Beth went from an awkward yet nice and friendly girl to a selfish, bratty jerk who sometimes picks her nose, as well as some other toilet/gross out humor.
    • Izzy, while she is still insane and crazy, now feels much more obnoxious, even if she has the same personality as in the original.
    • Harold, while still a nerd, no longer boasts about his "mad skills" or goes on about useless trivia; instead he is now a straight up nerd, and even wimpier than the original.
    • Owen, similar to Izzy, mostly has his original personality, except he is much more annoying, dumb, and obnoxious.
    • Noah went from an intelligent, sarcastic, and pessimistic person who would be able to have fun on the inside, to an extremely sensitive person who can't take a joke.ˈ
    • Cody went from a slightly perverted, yet also friendly guy who had good intentions to being basically the butt monkey out of the gang.
    • Duncan went from a bad-boy who also had a good side, to a complete wimp, as he is more prone to crying and tearing up than the original series, which he actually only did twice.
    • Leshawna went from a sassy yet loyal friend to basically being the mean popular girl out of the gang, as tons of episodes show her basically acting like a spoiled brat towards everyone.
    • Lightning, went from a cocky, arrogant, competitive, aggressive, and a dumb jock to a kind and friendly person who is more intelligent than in the original.
    • Ella (while still very likable) went from a really nice and gentle person who rarely (if ever) got angry to a more short tempered person who is more prone to getting angry and has a tendency to turn into a dragon whenever she does get angry.
    • Max went from an incompetent villain who was treated as a joke to a more competent villain who is much better at evil deeds.
    • Chef Hatchet despite being likable, went from a sadistic person who liked torturing the contestants to a strict yet kind caretaker who tries to take care of the kids. It doesn't help that he, like Cody, became a butt monkey as many episodes show the kids basically torturing Chef.
  12. The kids are very unlikable in this series and are annoying, spoiled, whiny brats who often like to torture, annoy and ignore Chef.
  13. It overuses a lot of unfunny gross-out jokes, especially in the episode "Germ Factory", where the main characters literally lick the bathroom floor and walls making them sick. That's really disgusting, and yes, it can make you very sick.
    • The most infamous example is the episode "Total Eclipse of the Fart", in which a fart fairy smells toddler farts. This takes the gross-out humor too far, and is pretty much somewhat considered as pedophilia, which is highly illegal.
  14. Characters like Jude, Gwen, Noah, and Bridgette are always very underused while the rest of the cast are overused.
    • Out of the 52 episodes of season 3, Bridgette only appears in four; and only one is dedicated to her, and it's a torture episode for her!
      • The fact that this is the last episode of the series doesn't help.
  15. Most of the first-generation characters (Including fan favorites) only make very small cameos, or don't appear at all. This includes (but not limited to) Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler, Trent, Geoff, Heather, Alejandro, Mike, Zoey, Jo and Brick.
  16. The intro song is very annoying, as it only consists of a chorus of children babbling nonsense.
    • Speaking of the intro song itself, some parts of the background music consist of babbling children.
  17. Dated references. For example, in the infamous episode "Snow Way Out", Owen does a floss dance move from Fortnite in one scene and Courtney is rendered into a gender politic by correcting everyone to say "snow-person". A lot of the titles are just dumb parodies of movies such the episode titled “Gum and Gummer” being a satire reference to “Dumb and Dumber”. While having parodies of movie titles are common, this is just poor way to use them and comes off as uncreative, lazy, and stupid. They also look like they came from a random title generator.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the original voice actors reprise their roles.
    • Deven Mack does a passable imitation of Chef.
  2. The animation is passable.
  3. Some characters capture the feel of their older counterparts.
    • Bridgette
    • Chef
    • Cody
    • Noah
    • Harold
    • Izzy
    • Jude
    • Lightning
  4. The character designs of the kids are pretty cute such as Izzy, Cody, Bridgette, and Courtney.
  5. Nikki Wong (from 6teen) has a small semi-speaking cameo role in the form of a flashback in toddler drawing style, making this crossover not entirely pointless.
    • Speaking of 6teen, Jude Lizowski makes a reappearance 8 years after his show ended. 6teen aired its final episode in 2010 and Total DramaRama debuted in 2018.
  6. Because it takes place in an alternate universe and therefore its non canon to the original series and the previous spin off, thus all of the pre-existing canon from the original and first spin off series can be considered safe.
  7. Some characters that never interacted in the original series, like Harold and Izzy or Gwen and Noah, do here and it's interesting to see them resulting in amusing dynamics.
  8. Some jokes can be executed decently.
  9. Chris McLean himself finally appears in the episode "Broken Back, Kotter", and while retaining his sadistic personality, it is notably toned down. It is restored closer to how it was in the first three seasons of the primary show.
  10. Some characters from the original have returned, mostly as a cameo, examples includeː
    • Trent, DJ, and Katie appeared in "Gum and Gummer".
    • Katie and Geoff appeared in "Duncan Disorderly".
    • Ella (TDPI) and Max (TDPI) make an appearance in "Dissing Cousins", and remain as supporting characters.
    • Sugar (TDPI, despite the fact that she's unlikable back in the previous season, notably how she voted off Ella due to her singing) and Lightning (TDROTI) appear and become part of the main cast in "Sugar & Spice & Lightning & Frights".
    • Heather (TDI), Alejandro (TDWT), and Jasmine (TDPI), albeit as teenagers, make a silent cameo in "A Hole Lot of Trouble".
  11. Speaking of BQ #13, they even made fun of one of the instances where a character flosses. When Cody flosses during a carpet protest, Chef Hatchet tells him "Cody, no more flossing! Do you have any idea how dated that'll be when it airs on TV?" Not only that, some of the other jokes hit well.
  12. There's some decent/good episodes here or there like: "Dissing Cousins" (especially since Ella and Max guest star in that one), "Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth", "Broken Back Kotter" and "A Hole Lot of Trouble".
  13. With the show's confirmed conclusion in 2022, the Fresh TV crew will focus more on the franchise's original premise of spoofing reality television.


Total DramaRama received mostly negative reviews from Total Drama fans because they considered this series pointless and wanted a sixth season of the main show instead.[citation needed] On the other hand, though, this show does have a number of people who like it.[citation needed] Currently, it has a 3.9/10 on IMDb[3] and a 2.6/5 on Common Sense Media.[4]


  • It is the second Total Drama spin-off series after The Ridonculous Race.
  • Because Disney XD transmitted only the first two seasons (Island and Action) in the United Kingdom (UK), many characters that debuted after season one of the original show (including The Ridonculous Race) make their debut in the spin-off.

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