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Toriko TV.jpg
You'd be better off reading the manga.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Release Date: April 3, 2011 - March 30, 2014
Network(s): Fuji TV
Created by: Mistutoshi Shimabukuro
Distributed by: Toei Animation
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 147

Toriko is a Japanese anime series that was made by Toei Animation, based on the manga of the same name by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. It directed by Akifumi Zako and began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on April 3, 2011, and ended on March 30, 2014.


Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter searching for the most precious foods in the world so he can create his full-course meal. A man with inhuman ability, he utilizes his incredible strength and knowledge of the animal kingdom to capture ferocious, evasive, and rare beasts to further his menu. He accompanied by the weak and timid chef Komatsu, who, inspired by Toriko's ambition, travels with him to improve his culinary skills and to find rare ingredients. Toriko and his friends often fight against the Gourmet Corps (美食會, Bishoku-kai), who seek to take control of the world's entire food supply and are looking for the highly sought-after ingredient GOD (GOD(ゴッド), Goddo), which the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia used to end the war that took place five hundred years before the series began.

Why It Smokes Away

  1. Poor grasp of the source material, as this anime tries to be more appropriate than the manga.
    • For example: in the manga, Toriko smokes, but in the anime, he doesn't smoke at all.
    • For another example: in the manga, there's blood, but in the anime, there's none.
  2. The anime added a bunch of unnecessary filler characters.
  3. The first episode does not adapt to the first chapter. Instead, it was a collaboration special with One Piece, which has nothing to do with the main story.
  4. The Gourment Pyramid Arc was heavily censored, causing lots of backlash from fans.
  5. The brutality of the manga was toned down.
  6. The opening theme song is annoying, especially since it tries too hard to be cool, edgy, and hip with the young crowd but fails desperately to do so.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent animation from Toei.
  2. The character designs are pretty good.
  3. The censorship did weaken a bit, showing some blood like in the manga.


  • There was a Toriko X One Piece Crossover manga
    • Toriko airs on Sundays from 9:00, followed by One Piece from 9:30 on Fuji TV, and together they are part of the Dream 9 program (Toriko succeeds Dragon Ball and replaces it on Dream 9).
    • Toriko, Dragon Ball and One Piece also had a crossover special.


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