Tori Gets Stuck (Victorious)

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Tori Gets Stuck (Victorious)
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Woah wait Jade... is this another trick so you can steal my part?
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 4
Air Date: May 14, 2011
Writer: Jake Farrow
Director: Russ Reinsel
Previous episode: Ice Cream for Ke$ha
Next episode: Prom Wrecker

Tori Gets Stuck is the 4th episode of Victorious (season 2).


Tori is excited when she gets cast as the lead in the school play, but she has to deal with her very unhappy understudy - Jade - who is intent on sabotaging the proceedings.

Why It Sucks

  1. Jade is a complete jerk in this episode
    • She goes into a rage when Tori gets a part in a play.
    • She can't move on and keeps trying to stop Tori from playing the part.
  2. Jade also does horrible things to Tori just so she can play her part.
    • She looks up her medical records without permission and gives Tori bush daises to make her sick.
    • She calls Tori under the pretense of lady gaga and tries to get her to skip the play. What's even more stupid is that Tori fell for it.
    • She even threatens to kill Tori.
    • She tells the nurses to take out Tori's blood, and then steals the first package so that they'll take out more.
  3. The episode overall has a bad moral, to boo-hoo and do bad things to someone when you lose to them.
  4. Steamboat Suzy sounds like a horrible name.
  5. Robbie is extremely unlikable.
    • Robbie picks up the bag of blood and says, "It's like I'm holding liquid you" which is disgusting.
    • Robbie drops the whole bag of blood, and then they actually take out another pint and put Tori's life in danger.
    • The reason Robbie is in the hospital is even more ridiculous, he's there because a bully made him swallow a car when he was seven.
  6. Awful soundtrack.
  7. The doctors in that hospital are super careless.
  8. The writing is terrible, and there are very few funny moments.
  9. Trina is unlikable as well. Her screechy coughing quickly gets annoying. In the end, she actually catches tuberculosis from a patient.
  10. Jade doesn't even face criminal charges in the end.
  11. Horrible plot twist: there is nobody to play Suzy, so Sikowitz puts on the outfit and does it himself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Jade doesn't get to play Steamboat Suzy.
  2. It does have a few funny moments.
  3. I mean steamboat suzy does have a nice ring to it.