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Toon Marty Intro.jpg
Hasn't animation learned anything from the last time they tried to copy our favorite undersea sponge?
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Canada (Quebec)
Release Date: May 1 – May 25, 2017
Network(s): Teletoon (Canada)
Nickelodeon (International)
Created by: Robin Balzano
Pascale Beaulieu
Paul Stoica
Frédérick Wolfe
Distributed by: Corus Entertainment
Starring: Brian Froud
Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Mike Paterson
Brett Schaenfield
Stacey DePass
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 20

ToonMarty is a French-Canadian animated television series produced by Sardine Productions, which first premiered on Teletoon in Canada, on May 1, 2017.


ToonMarty follows the adventures of Marty, the mascot of ToonMart who becomes alive when a billboard is hit by lightning. Together, he and his friends Burnie and Holly have fun in Toonville under the supervision of Marty's boss, Jack.

Bad Qualities

  1. Most of the episodes are torture for Marty, as an example being in the episode Chicken Fricassee where the titular character has the entire Toonville city turn against Marty, which is disturbing and cruel.
  2. Unlikable characters, such as Burnie, Punchy McKnuckles, and Saucy Chicken.
  3. Tons of character derailment.
  4. Some of the episodes are just downright boring.
  5. In one episode, Burnie KILLS HOLLY. Thankfully, she resets in the end.
  6. The show feels like a ripoff of Spongebob, as the main character is hyperactive and has a job (Marty/Spongebob), has a stupid best Friend (Burnie/Patrick) and smart girlfriend (Holly/Sandy). However, while Spongebob does it great, ToonMarty falls flat.
  7. The other characters constantly suffer from on and off Flanderization. One minute, they can recognize Marty without his hat in Billboard Boy, yet in The Hat Makes The Toon they don't know who he is.
  8. At the end of "How Marty Got His Toon Back," Marty and his friends are turned into frogs by Grizelda, and Burnie is turned into a wizard and kissed on the lips. Grizelda is an old lady, and Burnie is a teenager, which makes Grizelda a pedophile.
  9. Some of the character designs are mediocre, especially on Burnie and Lenny.
  10. Burnie is incredibly unlikable, as he acts like a toxic friend to Marty, and makes him do things that can get you in trouble, such as looking through Suki's pockets.
  11. The theme, while not bad, is kinda basic.

Good Qualities

  1. Some likable characters, such as Marty himself (depending on your view), Jack, Suki, Carly, and Holly.
  2. The voice acting is decent, except for Burnie.
  3. Some of the character designs, such as Marty's, are passable.
  4. Some good episodes here and there.
  5. A few funny moments.
  6. There was one good moral about being yourself in Candy Cute, though it was cut short when Marty sees a cartoon cheetah in 3D.
  7. The animation is good, and the art style is decent, as it was done by the same studio that animated "Rick and Morty".

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