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Too Much of a Good Thing (The Eggs)

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Too Much of a Good Thing
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And too much for a bad episode like this one. (aka: Breath of Fresh Squidward's overseas grandfather)
Series: The Eggs
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 32
Writer: Ray Boseley
Director: Gillian Carr
Previous episode: The Big Freeze
Next episode: Now You See Her

Too Much of a Good Thing is the 32nd episode of The Eggs.


When complaining about doing chores, Scramble slips into a cleaning product, causing it to bounce everywhere and break one of the pipes. A pink gas leaks out from the pipes, causing Scramble to be in love. Scramble feels happy while the other people look confused and investigate him. When it’s confirmed that Scramble is in love, they try to bring him back to normal.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episode starts off with Scramble ranting about chores. That's already our first red flag.
    • When Shelly tells Scramble that there's a spot he didn't clean up, he groans and throws a tantrum (that only thankfully last for only a few seconds).
  2. Scramble is obsessed with love in this episode. We know that it's that pink gas that controlled him, but he still takes it too far.
    • He loves everybody, from Benedict, to Eggor, the Worms (while they sing with him), and even Min.
  3. The “love song” Scramble sang was sung and played 6 TIMES in an 11-MINUTE episode. It comes across to the point where it just becomes repetitive, annoying, and takes up almost half of the episode.
  4. This scene.
    • If you don’t know, Scramble gets an unhealthy obsession with Min, and literally KISSES her. In fact, in one scene, you’ll see that Scramble is HARASSING her, in a KIDS’ show.
    • In one part of the ending song for the episode, a scene was shown with Scramble hugging Min, with tired eyes and smiling. This could only mean that he's hallucinating in drugs, in (again) a KIDS' show.
  5. After that scene (causing Min to malfunction), the spaceship ends up going towards the sun (which is somehow eerily similar to Counting the Beat). Luckily, they have a fire backup to go back from the sun. If weren’t for that, they would’ve died and cooked to death easily. You know, for kids, right?
  6. The infamous image where Scramble paints "love" graffiti, but looks like he's making a religion or something (seen above).
  7. An unfunny running gag of Benedict showing unidentified pictures, with Scramble saying something love-related.
  8. The (thankfully very short) "Distraction and Chaos" song is way too loud, insufferable, ear-piercing, and cringeworthy. It's pretty understandable why it made Scramble angry.
    • The lyrics are basically the words of "Distraction and chaos" (and vice versa) repeated multiple times, which becomes annoying, repetitive, and redundant.

Good Qualities

  1. Just like Squidward, Scramble was happy for a while in the episode.
  2. Speaking of BQ#4, That scene could be pretty funny to some viewers.
  3. The song at the end is kinda catchy to hear.
  4. There are some few funny moments here or there.
  5. The ending wasn't too bad.


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