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Tomatoes (Niloya)

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Tomatoes (Niloya)
Tomatoes Turkish.png
Tomatoes English.png
"It looks like we made this episode very awful for everyday at the vegetable farm."
Series: Niloya
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 7c
Air Date: March 21, 2015
Previous episode: Don't Be Mad Let's Make Up
Next episode: 23rd of April

Tomatoes is the 3rd segment of the 7th episode of the 2nd season of Niloya.


Niloya can’t wait for the tomatoes in the garden to get red. She waits for days and at the last, she gets up at night and dies the tomatoes. The next day, everyone gets happy as the tomatoes ripen. But, rain starts in an instant. Niloya gets worried as the dye will be gone.

Why It Ripened Red

  1. Niloya is a very unlikable character in this episode for not waiting for the tomatoes to become red, and at night, she painted the green tomatoes as red. Which that makes her act like a carbon copy of a whiny child.
  2. While Mete says that Niloya can't be patient, she said that she can always be patient, which that makes her a liar.
  3. The tomatoes in this episode looked more like small pumpkins than actual tomatoes in it.
  4. The titular song in this episode is so ear-splittingly painful to listen to. Especially in a bigger decade.
  5. The night moment in the titular song from this episode, is just like if MAD made a spoof on the alien movie "ET".
  6. The beggining of the episode was so awful:
    • Niloya saw a green tomato being green while Niloya wants it to become red right this instant. Like really Niloyaǃ? You need to learn the worth about "Empathy.”

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The titular song it can also be very catchy for younger audiences.
  2. Good Ending: At the ending of the episode, Niloya went outside her house to see the beautiful rainbow that made the tomatoes become red again.


  • The episode received mixed-to-negative reviews on IMDb having a 4.6/10.

Full Episode

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Turkish version


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