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Tomara que Caia

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Tomara que Caia
More like "Tomara que Caia de Audiência", which actually happened of how bad this program was.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 45 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: July 19-
November 1, 2015
Network(s): Rede Globo
Created by: Os Barbixas
Distributed by: Rede Globo
Starring: Os Barbixas
Heloísa Perissé
Eri Johnson
Marcelo Serrado
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 16

Tomara que Caia was a humorous program aired on Rede Globo on Sunday nights, between July 19 and November 1, 2015.

The program was cancelled on November 1, 2015, after receiving widespread criticism from the public on social media and from specialist journalists, who claimed it had "outdated humor" and was "unfunny", nicknaming "Tomara que Saia", "Tomara que Caia Fora" and "Tomara que Saia Logo do Ar".

Why It Fell

  1. The show's idea of ​​mixing comedy with game show format and online voting live that was a good proposal on paper was not well executed, was mainly the reason why the program flopped completely, and mainly it should be a comedy show with improvisation, without voting. What doesn't help this program that its creators, Os Barbixas are known for improvisation.
  2. Due to the main problem of the program already explained and also because the program being complex, that in the program itself the actors had to explain how the program worked.
  3. The program's humor is very poor and it's also horrible, for trying to be funny but failed miserably.
  4. The program's texts had little inspiration, which is wrong, since shows like Comédia MTV from the old MTV Brasil, didn't need a script and weren't afraid to let the artists do the improvisations.
  5. Terrible and weak performance from the cast, even from very known and professional actors like Marcelo Serrado.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mônica Iozzi's performance in one of the episodes of this program is very good, and gives a show of interpretation of what the program should have had.
  2. The sets are well made.


Tomara que Caia received several criticisms not only from the public on social media, who raised tags on Twitter against the program, but also from specialized journalists, who classified it as "unfunny" and with "outdated humor", in addition to disapproving of the use of a script, when the program should be improvised, citing examples such as Comédia MTV and Quinta Categoria, from MTV Brasil, as examples of programs that were not afraid to really leave artists free to improvise.

One of the program's writers Victor Sarro is ashamed of the program, saying: "Man, I don't even put this on Wikipedia", referring he won't add it to his resume.


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