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Toilet/Gross-out humor

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"How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing! For us, it is a mundane and functional item. For you, the basis of an entire culture!" - The Red Baron from Blackadder Goes Forth

Toilet or gross-out humor (occasionally referred to as potty or crude humor) is the weakest type of humor. It is mainly used a lot in modern TV shows and movies, which is one of the problems: it is overused. This type of humor has been popular since the 90s but it originated from the 80s or before. While toilet humor isn't bad all the time, it can be detrimental to comedy and it ends up grossing out the audience most of the time, sometimes even more than the characters themselves who were part of it. Remember, despite the name, it doesn't necessarily have to refer to humor relating to toilets alone such as urine and feces. It can also apply to genitalia or other bodily functions such as vomit, mucus, earwax, saliva, lint, toe jam, flatulence, and belching.

Notable TV Shows That Used Toilet/Gross-Out Humor

Why It Usually Sucks

  1. This type of humor revolves around bodily function, and thus it becomes less funny and more disgusting.
  2. It provides some disturbing and cringeworthy imagery, such as this scene from The Golden Boy.
  3. It's typically used as a rather embarassing attempt at pandering towards children.
  4. By the 90's, it saw a major rise in popularity and has since been used in different forms of media, such as movies, video games, TV shows, Etc.
  5. Some long-running franchises have recently been milking this trope, either as a way to appeal younger audiences or to try and get some cheap laughs out of the audience, thus alienating long-time fans.


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