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Toddler Titans…Yay! (Teen Titans Go!)

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Toddler Titans... Yay! is the episode 17th episode of season 6 of Teen Titans Go!.

Toddler Titans…Yay! (Teen Titans Go!)
Toddler Titans…Yay!.png
Just when this show is criticized for being childish, it fires back by treating its audience including us like idiots and toddlers.
Series: Teen Titans Go!
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 617b
Air Date: November 14, 2020
Writer: Steve Borst
Director: Luke Cormican
Previous episode: Thumb War
Next episode: Huggbees


Control Freak believes that the Titans' humor is too childish for their time slot so he sends them to a more babyish world and ages them down.

Why It's Not What Future Generations Should Grow Up On

  1. This episode is yet another example of the writers of Teen Titans Go! ignoring criticism towards the show while making insulting potshots at those criticizing the show. This time the writers are making fun of the people criticizing the show for having the Titans behave very childishly and immaturely.
  2. There is too much fourth wall breaking in the episode with the titans especially Starfire asking too many questions to the audience.
  3. The kid voices that are made in response to the Titans' questions are very annoying as they are used repeatedly.
  4. The comeuppance Control Freak gets for his actions in the episode are lame as the Titans have the kid audience choose his punishment with the choice between rotten eggs, a smelly butt, or spiders. The kids choose spiders, which results in spiders being poured on Control Freak and causing him to run off the Building.
  5. Hypocrisy: While the writers once again use the "it’s made for kids" excuse to fend off criticism and point out that this show is for kids, the Titans advertise their own show at "TV Teen" which is the equivalent to TV-14 in the U.S. but this show is rated TV-PG.
  6. The episode is a rehash of “The Fourth Wall” episode as both of these episodes have Control Freak represent the people who criticize the show, send the Titans into a dimension thought to be more appropriate for them, have the Titans rebel and escape from it, and give Control Freak a comeuppance while lashing back at the people making the criticisms.
  7. This episode has the writers once again make the “It’s Made For Kids” excuse to fend off criticism towards the show by implying that those who are making the criticisms are people who are older than the show’s target audience, this is done by having Control Freak represent the older viewers and then depicting these viewers as villains through Control Freaks behavior. Even more obvious is that the episode has the kid voices follow the titans back to their original world and supporting them against Control Freak.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The episode does a decent job making fun of Dora the Explorer, showing off how repetitive it is.


The episode got a 5.3/10 on IMDb.


  • This episode was inspired by viewers who criticized the show by calling the Titans “Toddler Titans” for their immature behavior. The “Toddler Titans” phrase has been used by many viewers including the YouTube subscriber and reviewer, The Mysterious Mr. Enter.


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